Stella Togo: The 5-Minute Guide to Writing a Blog Post

The following is a guest post from Stella Togo, book author, speaker, and blog post author.

Do I have your attention? Good, because tip #1 is to grab your readers with an intriguing title.

Use a title that grabs the attention of your readers. Like most beginning writers, I used to draw out all of the details and leave the best for last instead of bringing the best to the forefront as a major point of interest.

Identify three to five main points you would like to share with your audience. Personally I believe effective writing or blogging offers tools, tips, and stories that will make life easier for your market. That said, each of these points will be part of your initial outline. We want to make it quick and easy; most people don’t like to read a lot of material. They just want the skinny.

Make sure your blog post is no more than five hundred words. By forcing yourself to get rid of the excess fat or flowery words, you will train yourself to be a proficient writer.

Find something to share that lights you up. Think of what makes you passionate regarding the topic you’re writing about! If you don’t know, then research or completely surprise yourself by guessing what could possibly light you up about it. See if you can find a tinge of humor. In this case, I light up like a Christmas tree, knowing I can help people who need to write a blog post, organize their thoughts, gain confidence and save them a boat load of time and grief.

Take a minute to plan what you want to share. Let’s face it, taking a minute to plan what you want to say, will save you the agony of rewrites and self-doubt.

Share the story behind the story to add humanness to your piece. Touch the hearts of your readers and make it real for them!

Not many people know I received over sixty letters of rejection from publishers, before I was finally picked up by Random House. Rewriting In Honor of Women, A Revolutionary Approach to Preventing Breast Cancer with three different approaches in five years, desperately led me to create a formula for myself and my future clients. Otherwise reliving my personal story was going to kill me. So, I removed the option of rewriting once and for all. I still dread going to the mailbox! I used to literally cry, yet I couldn’t give up my dream of being a traditionally published author!

Do what you love and leave the blog writing to me! Lol! To me, writing words is no different than breathing air. I’m happy to create one or a series of blog posts to inspire any particular market to find and get what they need, because I love this work. Let me know if you need help writing blog posts!

Stella Togo

Stella Togo is a book author, speaker, and writing and marketing coach for authors. For her blog post writing services, email her at or call 714-336-1148.


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