Writing Infographic: 18 Common Words and What You Can Use Instead

Here are more than 700 alternative ways to express 18 common words. Spice up your writing with these fantastic alternative words! These alternative words are great for writing blogs, books, performance reviews, and more. They’ll also spice up your videos and podcasts. Upgrade your vocabulary today!

All — completely, comprehensive, each, encompassing, entirely, every, full-scale, fully, globally, outright, totally, unlimited, unrestricted, utterly, whole, wholly

Almost — about, about to, all but, approximately, around, as good as, bordering on, close to, close upon, essentially, for all practical purposes, for the most part, in effect, in the neighborhood of, in the vicinity of, just about, most, much, near to, nearly, nigh, not far from, not quite, on the brink of, on the edge of, on the point of, on the verge of, practically, relatively, roughly, virtually, well-nigh

18 Common Words and What You Can Use Instead - Here are more than 700 alternative ways to express 18 common words. Spice up your writing with these fantastic alternative words!

Different — a far cry from, altered, antithetic, assorted, at odds, at variance, changed, clashing, colorful, contradistinct, contrary, contrasting, deviating, diametrical, differential, discrepant, disparate, distinct, divergent, diverse, exotic, incommensurable, incomparable, inconsistent, individual, like night and day, mismatched, mismated, offbeat, opposite, otherwise, particular, peculiar, polar, poles apart, single, striking, unalike, unequal, unrelated, unsimilar, variant, varied, various

Feel — ambience, atmosphere, aura, burn, caress, cool off, cuddle, fly high, impression, fume, glow, hug, pet, radiate, regret, rejoice, repent, see red, seethe, sense, smoulder, snuggle, stroke, touch, vibes

Good — acceptable, ace, admirable, agreeable, bad, boss, bully, capital, choice, commendable, crack, decent, excellent, exceptional, fantastic, favorable, fine, first-class, first-rate, gnarly, great, honorable, marvelous, nice, outstanding, pleasing, positive, prime, rad, reputable, respectable, satisfactory, satisfying, select, shipshape, solid, sound, spanking, splendid, sterling, strong, super, superb, superior, tip-top, up to snuff, valuable, welcome, wonderful, worthy

Just — almost, altogether, approximately, barely, but, close to, close upon, definitely, exactly, hardly, literally, merely, narrowly, on the dot, on the money, on the nail, on the nose, only, precisely, rigorously, scantily, scarcely, simply, specifically, square to, truly, unequivocally, utterly

Large — ample, big, broad, colossal, enormous, extensive, giant, gigantic, grand, great, hefty, huge, humongous, immense, jumbo, massive, monumental, mountainous, roomy, sizable, spacious, substantial, vast, wide

Long — continued, distant, drawn out, elongated, endless, enduring, enlarged, expanded, extended, extensive, far-off, far-reaching, faraway, gangling, great, lanky, lasting, lengthy, lingering, lofty, longish, outstretched, prolonged, protracted, rangy, remote, running, spread out, spun out, stretched, stringy, sustained, tall, towering

Never — at no time, by no means, don’t hold your breath, forget it, nevermore, no way, not at all, not ever, not in any way, not in the least, not on your life, to no degree, to no extent

New — advanced, au courant, brand-new, contemporary, current, cutting-edge, dewy, dissimilar, distinct, early, fashionable, fresh, hot, inexperienced, just out, latest, modern, modernistic, modish, neoteric, newfangled, novel, now, original, raw, recent, rising, spic-and-span, state-of-the-art, strange, topical, trendy, ultramodern, unaccustomed, uncontaminated, unfamiliar, unique, unknown, unlike, unseasoned, unskilled, unspoiled, untouched, untrained, untried, untrodden, unusual, unused, up-to-date, virgin, young, youthful

Next — abutting, adjacent, adjoining, after, alongside, attached, back-to-back, beside, close, closest, coming, consequent, coterminous, ensuing, following, future, hard by, incoming, intermediate, junior, later, meeting, nearest, neighboring, on the side, penultimate, proximate, side-by-side, subsequent, succeeding, touching, upcoming

Old — aged, along in years, ancient, antique, broken down, debilitated, decrepit, elderly, enfeebled, exhausted, experienced, fossiled, geriatric, getting on, gray-haired, grizzled, hoary, impaired, inactive, infirm, mature, not young, of age, olden, oldish, outdated, over the hill, past one’s prime, seasoned, senescent, senile, senior, skilled, superannuated, venerable, veteran, wasted, worn out

Right — accurate, appropriate, condign, conscientious, correct, due, equitable, ethical, exact, factual, fitting, genuine, good, honest, honorable, justifiable, lawful, legal, legitimate, merited, moral, on the button, on the money, on point, on target, precise, proper, requisite, righteous, rightful, scrupulous, stand-up, straight, suitable, true, unerring, upright, virtuous, word-perfect

Seem — appear, come across, create the impression, cut, glisten, glitter, hint, intimate, look as if, look like, loom, pass off, resemble, show signs of, sound, stand out, stick out

Small — atomic, bantam, compact, cramped, diminutive, dwarfish, itsy-bitsy, little, micro, microscopic, miniature, miniscule, minute, olive-sized, petite, pocket-sized, small-scale, subatomic, teeny, teeny-weeny, tiny, undersized

Things — assortment, baggage, belongings, chattels, clothes, conditions, doodads, doohickeys, duds, effects, equipment, features, gear, gizmos, goods, holdings, junk, objects, paraphernalia, possessions, property, stuff, thingamabobs, thingamajigs, tools, trappings, whatchamacallits, widgets

Went — absconded, advanced, continued, decamped, departed, drove off, embarked, escaped, exited, hopped, hurried, left for, moseyed, moved, progressed, returned, set forth, set off, split, took off, traveled, vamoosed, ventured, withdrew

Young — adolescent, blooming, blossoming, boyish, boylike, budding, burgeoning, callow, childish, childlike, crude, developing, early, fledgling, fresh, girlish, girllike, green, growing, half-grown, immature, inexperienced, infant, inferior, junior, juvenile, little, modern, new, newborn, newish, not aged, pubescent, puerile, punk, puppylike, raw, recent, teen, tender, tenderfoot, undeveloped, undisciplined, unfinished, unfledged, unlearned, unpracticed, unripe, unseasoned, untried, unversed, vernal, youthful

Source: https://www.grammarcheck.net/common-words

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