Ajay Ohri: The 8 Rules of Writing

These rules or observations about writing are worth noting. Any beginning writer should take them to heart. Any experience writer should read them again to remind them where they may have fallen down.

Rules for Writing Books

1. Write 50 words. That’s a paragraph.

2. Write 400 words. That’s a page.

3. Write 300 pages. That’s a manuscript.

4. Write every day. That’s a habit.

5. Edit and rewrite. That’s how you get better.

6. Spread your writing for people to comment. That’s called feedback.

7. Don’t worry about rejection or publication. That’s a writer.

8. When not writing, read. Read from writers better than you. Read and perceive. — Ajay Ohri

I could add a 9th rule of writing:

Don’t write anything until you’ve sold it. That’s a professional writer. — John Kremer

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