Blogging Is an Incredible Platform for Book Authors

Check out this video I did with Corbett Barr a few years ago. Most of the info is still valuable to any book author who wants to establish an effective online presence for selling their books. Listen in on How to Start a Blog That Matters:

Blogging Is an Incredible Platform for Book Authors who want to establish an effective online presence for selling their books.

Why You Should Blog . . .

Having a blog can help you jump-start your visibility, get more reviews for your book right away, and sell more books.

Authors who blog can get major publishers interested in publishing their books, because you have a built-in audience who would be interested in your book.

Having your own blog makes it easier for you to network with other bloggers and key influencers.

The power of blogging can attract incredible opportunities for you, including publishers seeking you out.

Blogging isn’t easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding.

A blog that matters changes the life of the blogger, the lives of the readers of the blog, and even the world.

Five bloggers who made at least a million dollars a year via blogging:

Darren Rowse of – Darren makes much of his money from a separate blog (, which has 5 times as large an audience as ProBlogger).

Marie Forleo of – Marie writes about entrepreneurship for women.

Timothy Sykes of – Tim teaches people how to trade stocks. He makes $3 million to $5 million each year from blogging.

Ramit Sethie of – Ramit teaches about personal finance and career advancement via job negotiation.

Laura Roeder of – Laura teaches people how to use social media more effectively. She earns over seven figures via her blog and newsletter.

Note: Each of these bloggers is doing something significant.

9 Essential Tips on Starting a Blog That Matters

Select a topic that you are passionate about. It should be incredibly important. It should be something you love. It should be something you’re good at. It should be something people will be interested in (and pay for). E.g., Adam Baker of

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. — Howard Thurman

Howard Thurman quote

Killer branding: Brand your blog name. A great brand is memorable, is intriguing, stands out from others, is descriptive, and has an available URL. E.g., Leo Babauta of

Solid design: Design is your first impression. You need a design that stands out. Your two options? Hire someone to create a great design. Or do it yourself (not the best idea unless you use a great template). E.g.,

Social media is important. Four reasons why social media is important. Establish your expertise. Test out content. Connect with other bloggers and key influencers. Drive traffic to your blog. E.g., Sibyl Chavis of (with 130,000 Facebook followers).

Launch strategy: A launch is a one-time event, so make it a big splash. The Field of Dreams technique doesn’t work here (If you build it, they will come). E.G. Scott Dinsmore of

Epic content: The material you publish on your blog should go over the top, rising above the noise on the Internet. There are no exceptions to this rule. Great content is the minimum. Epic content is the standard for incredible success.

Get to know the difference between great content and epic content.

Blogger friends: Making friends is the #1 most important thing in building a blog that matters (after epic content). Find out where great bloggers and key influencers hang out. Make friends in the blogosphere and they will help you to find other partners.

By friends, you need to make bonafide friends, people you share an outlook with, people you would really be friends with if they lived down the block.

Offsite promotion: links from other blogs, social bookmarketing (Reddit), interviews, and guest posts. Many of the most successful bloggers spend as much time on promotion as they do on blogging. They podcast. They create videos. They create content that is published elsewhere.

Be different. People will ask: Why should I spend time on this site?

People will spend time on your site if your content is epic, your design is enticing, and your passion is right out there in the open. — John Kremer

People will spend time on your site if your content is epic, your design is enticing, and your passion is right out there in the open. — John Kremer

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