Book Marketing Tip of the Week: 27 September 2012

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week

September 27, 2012 – October is . . . Fire Prevention Month / Health Literacy Month / Child Health Month / Gourmet Adventures Month / Diversity Awareness Month / Energy Awareness Month / Country Music Month / Co-op Month / Anger Management Month / Family History Awareness Month / International Paranormal Fiction Month / National Book Month / Brain Injury Awareness Month, National Adopt-a-Dog Month/ National Crime Prevention Month / National Education Month


In this issue . . .
– John Kremer’s Secret Seven: Report Number One
– Infographic a Day website
– Magazine Editor Updates
– Book Promotion Tweets, Posts, and Pins

John Kremer’s Secret Seven: Report Number One
I will soon be releasing two new reports:

The Secret Seven: Book One (which features websites most book authors ignore, but shouldn’t)

The Super Seven: Pinterest – How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Book, Supercharge Your Website, and Build More Traffic to Your Blog

Both reports will sell for $12.00. Get ready to click BUY next Monday!

Infographic a Day website
Here are some great infographics from my new website: Infographic a Day:

Infographics are graphically organized information about some topic presented in a nutshell graphic – Easy to absorb, quick to read, handy to print out for reminders.

12 Things to Do After You’ve Written a New Blog Post –

Infographic: Social Media Explained (with Coffee) –

Funny Infographic: Meeting Customer Expectations –

The Copywriting Infographic – Copywriting is writing for a practical purpose. It can involve writing advertisements, news releases, practical books, magazine articles, catalog copy, websites, blog posts, and more. –

How LinkedIn Works –

12 Things Successful People Do Differently –

How Etailers and Content Marketers Can Use Pinterest to Their Advantage –

10 Essential Social Media Tips for a Senior Executive –

For more infographics on Internet marketing, check out this page:

Magazine Editor Updates
Here are a few magazine updates I’ve made in the past few weeks:

Mountain Living Magazine –

Outside is a monthly magazine on climbing, kayaking, skiing, running, fitness, extreme sports, travel, recreation, and other outdoor sports. –

Scientific American

Scientific American is a monthly science magazine covering physics, chemistry, biology, nature, psychology, health, medicine, astronomy, technology, and more. –

Spirit Magazine is a monthly airline magazine published by Southwest Airlines. It covers travel, business, entertainment, tech gear, sports, pop culture, and health. –

Published 10 times per year, Experience Life covers health, fitness, diet, relationships, self-help, and life wisdom. Their mantra: Being healthy is a revolutionary act. Their mission: Empowering people to become their best, healthiest selves, and supporting their enjoyment of a balanced, sustainable, deeply satisfying way of life. –

Brides is a monthly bridal magazine with a focus on fashion, beauty, wedding plans, food, travel, relationships, and personal finance. –

Book Promotion Tweets, Posts, and Pins
Here are a few tweets, Facebook posts, and Pinterest pins that might help you market your books:

Question: How can new writers begin to reach out to an audience for their work? John’s Answer: Build a community, aka a tribe, online. –

Blogging for Business: How Content Can Improve Your Sales –

No Arms No Legs No Worries – Nick Vijucic really inspires. –

Viral Video: Steve Jobs – Don’t Settle. Follow Your Heart –

Are You Aiming Too Low in Your Book Marketing? –

This video has been viewed more than 6.35 million times in two years. That’s viral – and viral because it is such a moving story. I dare you
not to tear up. –

101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy –

Military Writers Society of America Spurs Book Sales –

Quotable Books
In trusting life, ultimately you realize that you are not what is occurring, but you are the space that allows for it. – Louis Koster

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