Selling More Books Audio Series

Listen in as John Kremer describes classic and innovative ways to market your books. Learn how to get publicity for your books. Learn how to sell more copies of your novels. Learn how to sell your children’s book into schools, libraries, bookstores and more. Includes over 15 hours of incredible book marketing content in audio form.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Selling More Books Audio Series (includes more than 15 hours on book marketing)

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Selling More Books Audio Series

How to Create a New York Times Bestseller without Breaking the Bank — $20.00

How to Create a New York Times Bestseller without Breaking the BankThis audio presents a road map of the basic actions a writer or publisher needs to do to create a bestseller. One of the greatest mistakes a writer can make is to think that everything needs to be done in the first week of a new book launch. Publishing a book is a lot like having a baby and raising a child.

Learn the 10 ways that other self-publishers, smaller publishers, first-time authors, and novelists have created New York Times bestsellers or, better yet, OUTSOLD New York Times bestsellers!

How to Build Your Speaking Career, Generate Word of Mouth, and Sell More Books — $15.00

How to Build Your Speaking Career

In this 42-minute audio, you will learn how to build your speaking career as an author as well as how to generate word-of-mouth so you can sell more books.

  • Learn where you should start as a speaking author.
  • Learn how to build word of mouth for your books.
  • Learn how to get interviews to build your speaking career.
  • Learn how to create effective content.
  • Learn how to own your space on the Internet.
  • Learn how to present content in different ways.
  • Learn how to start getting publicity for your books.

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How to Market Your Memoir as a Bestseller – $15.00

How to Market Your Memoir as a BestsellerWhile this audio applies specifically to memoirs, many of the tips and insights apply to novels, poetry, and even nonfiction as well.

  • Learn the four most important things you can do to market a memoir, both before publication date and after publication date.
  • Learn how to use social media as a memoir writer.
  • Learn how to blog as a memoir writer.
  • Learn how to create relationships that will help you market your memoir.
  • And learn how to join with other memoir writers to maximize sales for all of you.

A question many memoir writers are asked: Where did you get the audacity to tell your story? Well, you need that same audacity and spunk to market your memoir as well. Once you learn how to market a memoir effectively, then you can market with the same audacity that drove you to write your story in the first place.

How to Set Up a Free Marketing Campaign That Librarians Will Love! – $10.00

Free Marketing Campaigns

The key to setting up a marketing campaign that librarians will love is actually simple: Drive demand for your books with library customers.

Get your audience going into libraries asking for your book — and even demanding those libraries order your book right away.

In this audio you will learn 5 free ways to drive book-buying traffic to your website, to bookstores, to Amazon, or to libraries. I originally wrote the underlying report for this audio in answer to a question about driving book readers to libraries to ask them to buy your book. But, of course, these 5 ways to get publicity can drive book-buying traffic anywhere you want to send it.

The 5 Ways Solution to Establish Your Expertise, Drive More Traffic, and Sell More Books – $10.00

5 Ways SolutionIn this Selling More Books audio, you’ll learn how to use a simple technique to establish your expertise and drive more traffic to your email capture pages and book sales pages.

Even more important, this simple technique can maximize your expertise exposure by five times.

And, even most important, this simple technique can be implemented again and again to drive more traffic and sell more books — and insure your expertise becomes more and more recognized.

How to Create a Word of Mouth Army for Your Books – $15.00

Word of Mouth ArmyThe first job of an author is to create a word of mouth army, a fan club, a tribe — people willing to support you and your book in a very big way.

John shares simple strategies and tactics you can immediately implement to market your book anywhere and virtually everywhere. John discusses word of mouth marketing for book authors as well as book covers, book titles, t-shirts, interviews in supermarkets, and how your friends can really help you sell your book.

Marketing your book does not have to be a chore. As John notes, “Market with love and the sales will follow.” Oh yeah, you also have to have fun while you are marketing your book.

Nine Ways to Sell Your Novel (or other book) Fast – $20.00

9 ways to sell your novel or other booksThis 76-minute audio describes nine ways to sell your novel (or any other book) to a local and national audience. If you want to sell more copies of your novel, this audio will tell you how to do it with little money and, often, very quickly.

While this audio focuses on how to sell novels, most of the tips also apply to nonfiction books, children’s books, poetry, and memoirs as well.

Most of the techniques described in this audio can be implemented by anyone, whether an experience marketer or a reluctant newbie.

Developing a Book Marketing Strategy: The Three Key Ways to Market Your Books in Today’s World – $10.00

Developing a Book Marketing Strategy: 3 Key Ways to Market Your Books in Today’s World

This half-hour audio describes the three key ways that any author can use to develop relationships and sell more books in today’s world. If you know and use these three ways, you’ll be way ahead of most book authors in selling your books.

  • Learn how to find people who will fall in love with you and your book.
  • Learn how to provide people with the best content, content they will love.
  • Learn how to do media interviews that rock.
  • Learn how to connect with famous people and key influencers.

Book Marketing Q&A with John Kremer – $20.00

Book Marketing Q&A with John Kremer

This 72-minute audio was inspired by the questions I received when I ask the following simple question on Facebook: If you had a chance to ask a 34-year book marketing veteran anything about getting more traffic, leads, book sales, or conversions for your business, what’s the #1 question you’d ask him?

If you want to know the answers to any of the following questions, this audio is definitely for you:

  • When is the best time to start promoting a book or manuscript?
  • How can new writers reach out to an audience for their work?
  • What advice do you have for authors who are introverts?
  • What’s more important: social media or website SEO?
  • What is the most powerful website element for driving sales?
  • What is the best tip for authors to grow an email list quickly?
  • What’s your favorite social medium platform for writers? And why?
  • What is the one thing I should do six months before my book comes out?
  • What is the best way to begin marketing a book?
  • How do I get an industry star to review my book? And give a testimonial?
  • Is it better to self-publish or go with an established publisher?
  • What is the best way to get on national radio?
  • What’s the best strategy for marketing self-published children’s books?

Make Book Marketing Fun: Key Ways to Market Your Books and Have Fun Doing It – $10.00

Make Book Marketing Fun

This 42-minute interview covers everything from speaking, creating great content, getting publicity, and creating tribes and word of mouth.

If you are tired of doing boring marketing stuff — or just need inspiration to keep on doing the good stuff you are doing (with both your writing and your marketing), then listen in on this lively and informative interview.

Take time right now to revive your spirit and your book marketing activities.

How to Create a Great Book Marketing Plan (even as you are writing your book) – $20.00

How to Create a Great Book Marketing Plan

Learn how to put together a book marketing plan as you write your book — so when the book is finished, you can hit the road running with a great website, an enthusiastic tribe, and an email list that is eager for every new thing you create.

Make sure that your book keeps selling after the first three months (when most book publishers give up on a book if it isn’t selling enough copies). If you create a great book launch, your book will keep on selling after those first formative months.

Book Marketing Blitz Q&A – $10.00

Book Marketing Blitz Q&A

John answers the following questions during this hour-long interview:

  • What is the most affordable way to market books?
  • How important are book reviews?
  • How does an author set a realistic budget?
  • What are some of the typical marketing mistakes that authors make?
  • How does a book author develop an audience as she writes her book?
  • How does a book author develop relationships with popular websites?
  • How should a book author use ebooks?
  • How do you measure the success of a book?

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Book Marketing Audio Series

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