John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week: September 27, 2013

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week

September 27, 2013

In this issue . . .
– A Billboard for a Book
– Blog Posts and Articles on Marketing Books
– Quick Book Marketing Tips

A Billboard for a Book

Here’s a story from one of my newsletter readers:

I took a swing for the fences purchasing a billboard in the desert on the road from Phoenix to LA to alert people about my book, Phoenix to LA. LAObserved news website picked up the story. The jury is still out on whether the sign is producing the sales results to pay for it! Ha. — Marty McMorrow

Billboard for a Book

You can read more about his billboard story here:

Blog Posts and Articles on Marketing Books

Here are a few useful blog posts on social media, book marketing, website creation, and indie bookstores.

The Dos and Don’ts of Pitching Journalists on Social Media –

12 Marketing Stats about Facebook for Business –

A bad book can’t be sold no matter how good the plan of action. You can sell a few copies of a bad book, but once the word gets out – and it always does – then you will sell few additional copies. #bookmarketingtip #books #ebooks –

Social Media Infographic: How to Create Perfect Social Media Posts –

15 Crucial Factors for Every Website: A Checklist You Should Use Monthly –

Over the past decade, Indie bookstores closed at an alarming rate until about 2005. Then, over time, the numbers slowly started creeping up leading to positive growth in 2012. While this data represents that growth visually, it is taken from American Booksellers Association membership rolls which might not reflect the true number of indie bookstores. –

Social Media Cheat Sheet for the Top Nine Social Networks for Business –

Book Marketing: How to Sell Multiple Copies of a Book –

Quick Book Marketing Tips

Quick Book Marketing Tip: Help Book Authors You Love – 50 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love – #books #ebooks #authors #authorlove

Example from Stuart Gustafson: Seattle-based friends Patty and Dan now have two boxes (44 each) of my novel I to take to Cabo for animal shelters — Los Cabos Humane Society and El Ranchito Animal Shelter. Thanks for good friends willing to go out of their way to help! (No, the animals can’t read — the books will be sold and the money used to maintain shelters, buy food, medicine, etc.).

Quick Book Marketing Tip: Marketing Poetry – The key to selling poetry books is to build a following by doing live readings of your poems wherever you can.

For online marketing, don’t worry about social networks. Search for various poetry websites where you can submit samples of your work. Also look for poetry websites that feature authors reading their poems, especially those that feature Google Hangouts. More: #poets #poetry #books #ebooks #socialmedia #bookmarketingtip

Inspirational Quote

When the world says No No No, and suddenly you hear a Yes, go towards that Yes as hard as you can. — Caterina Fake, Flickr co-founder

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