Twitter Tools for 2020

Here are a few current Twitter tools that you can use to grow your following, measure your impact, and increase your exposure via Twitter.

Crowdfire ( — Crowdfire allows who to find out which of your followers don’t follow you (and then you can unfollow them), both on Twitter and Instagram. It also allows you to find your most recent followers and your inactive followers. That’s with its free part. If you pay, you can also set up a keyword follow to build followership, check friends, copy followers from other relevant users, and more. You can also schedule posts and tweets.

Hootsuite ( — This tool allows you to share and schedule your posts with various Twitter profiles, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, LinkedIn groups, and more. Limited free capabilities or $9.99 per month pro plan.

Metricool ( — The ultimate tool to analyze, manage and measure the success of all your digital content. Free. Complete. Intuitive. Besides tracking your activity on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instragram, Metricool also allows you to schedule posts and autopost regularly on Twitter and/or Facebook. The free service allows you to schedule 50 posts and handle one profile (a blog, a Twitter profile, a Facebook profile, and an Instagram profile). Premium plans start at $9.99 per month. Even under the free plan, you can track real-time activity on your main blog as well as Twitter. And a history of all four accounts.

My Top Tweet ( — Once you sign in with your Twitter profile, you can enter any Twitter profile and see their top 10 tweets from their last 3,200 tweets. It helps to see what your top tweets are (based on interactions) as well as the top tweets of your competitors, your friends, or your fellow authors. Here is one of my top recent tweets:

Twitter: My Top Tweet

Post Planner ( — This app helps you find scientifically proven content that skyrockets engagement, boosts reach, and drives more traffic to your website from Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. $7.00 per month. Use coupon code MYLOVE60 to sign up for only $5.00 per month. They offer a Requeue feature that allows you to share the same content over and over again, automatically. That is a great way to weave mentions about your book into your mix of Facebook posts, tweets, and pins.

“Post Planner is the easiest way I know to find viral, niche-specific content for Facebook — nothing else comes close.” — Neal Schaffer, author, Maximize Your Social

Riffle ( — A Google Chrome extension that provides details on people you follow on Twitter. It lets you know who is active, how they engage with others, their top mentions, and links to their other social networks. Free extension.

RoundTeam ( — This service allows you to automate retweeting people, lists, or hashtags. It’s a great way to maintain a Twitter presence even when you are busy. You can get a free limited account or pay for premium service.

SocialQuant ( — This service helps increase your followers and engagement with relevant Twitter followers, determined by your keywords. In just a few days, this service has already increased my followers by about 400 people. And they look like good followers, the kind I’d want.

“Since we started using Social Quant on our Twitter profile, our follower count has skyrocketed 40% in 40 days!! And most importantly, engagement on our tweets has risen by the same amount — which means Social Quant is finding exactly the right followers for our brand.” — Andrew Warner, Mixergy

Trendsmap ( — Use this tool to check out what’s trending on Twitter anywhere in the world: your city, Bulgaria, or anywhere else. There’s a free version that’s useful, but a paid version (starting at $9 per month) that allows you to check top users, seek a 7-day history, filter for keywords, etc.

Twitter Albuquerque TrendMap

Tweriod ( — This free tool helps you find out when your Twitter followers are actually on Twitter. This gives you the best times to tweet given your Twitter audience. Here’s a sample of what their analysis might reveal to you:

Tweriod Tweet Analysis

Twiends ( — Another tool for increasing your Twitter followers. It seems like an ethical community that should help you find good people to follow.

We help other people find and follow you on Twitter. We are a community of millions of users, grouped by country and interests. Adding yourself is easy and will have people connecting with you right away.

Twitter Advanced Search ( — There’s lots that you can do with Twitter’s in-built advanced search. You can find people who are engaging with your competitor’s accounts (enter their Twitter handle in the To These Accounts blank); then you can follow those people and begin building an active following on Twitter. That’s just one thing.

Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter Birthday ( — Find your Twitter Birthday (or anyone’s Twitter Birthday) by going here and entering the Twitter handle of the person you are interested in. The Twitter Birthday of @johnkremer is on 9 March 2007. Sadly, this service no longer seems to be working.

Twitter Birth Certificate

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