Bevan Atkinson: How to Listen to Voices When Writing

A few days ago I interviewed Bevan Atkinson, author of The Tarot Mysteries series via Skype. Learn how an accidental detective uses her intuition, inspired by the Tarot, to solve murders! And learn how an author listens to her characters as she writes!

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Bevan mentions one key book marketing tip in the interview. If you have written more than one book, give away your first book. That’s what she does. She’s written five books in The Tarot Mysteries series. To draw readers into the series, she offers the first novel in the series as a giveaway when people sign up for her email list.

Now, if you are afraid to give away an entire book, start by giving away the first three chapters (if they are great!). Don’t give these chapters away only on your website. Create relationships with other book authors (with titles related to yours); ask them to offer your free chapters (or book) to their audience. Also ask editors at key newsletters and websites which already target your potential audience of readers; these websites and newsletter love to give free content to their readers and visitors. Also give your content away on your social networks.

The Fool Card, Book One of The Tarot Mysteries by Bevan Atkinson

Find out more about The Tarot Mysteries series at And get the first novel in the series for free just by signing up for Bevan’s newsletter.

And you can buy the five novels in The Tarot Mysteries series at Amazon by clicking on this link:

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