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Guest Post by Holly Sheidenberger


That’s the experience I wanted to give readers when I set out to write Related By Blood. And based upon their responses, that’s exactly what they’re getting.

My thriller series was inspired by a fascinating true crime. My husband read me a news article about it one afternoon, and I instantly thought (as writers often will), “That would make a great story.” Though I hadn’t been planning to write a thriller, I found myself plotting out a series of short stories that could be put together to make a complete novel.

Related By Blood: Book 1 - A Domestic Noir Thriller Serial by Holly Sheidenberger

I started by releasing Book One of my series, Related By Blood, for free on Amazon. I’ve also given away Book Two to a select group of readers as well. So far I’ve given away more than 1,300 copies in the Related By Blood series, which have resulted in praise from readers such as:

“It grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let you go until the last page. A real scorching page turner.”

“It had me hooked from the start. After finishing it, I wanted more.”

“Left me dangling, gasping for breath.”

I’ll continue to give away as many free copies of Related By Blood Book One as possible, knowing that readers will get hooked and buy the rest of the series.

You can let this short but definitely not sweet thriller grab you by the throat, too. Visit me at for your free copy of Related By Blood Book.

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