David Chesson: How to Launch a Book on Kindle

Check this great interview of Dave Chesson from Kindlepreneur by David Bain of Digital Marketing Radio.

Kindle Marketing Tips

Build your street team as you are writing.

Become a legitimate person to your potential audiences.

If you’ve been talking to me in topical forums, I know who you are.

Give advanced review copies to your street teams so you can get immediate reviews on Amazon.

Remember: Amazon is a search engine. Make sure your book is targeted to key search terms. Tell your fans to search for your book via your keyword and encourage them to buy via that search.

Use ahrefs.com to research keywords that other top competing or related sites rank for. Then optimize your site for those keywords.

Getting one of your web pages up to #1 can be a game-changer.

Getting your book to the top of Amazon search is the difference between a sale and no sale.

If there is a new market, get in right away. The gold rush of new markets can make a big difference in your marketing.

In online marketing, we want to buy into people, not into companies.

Focus on one marketing technique. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

Key takeaway: Focus on one particular traffic generating source, and master that. My regret was that I didn’t just stick with Facebook ads, but luckily when I chose SEO that became my focus. And every point, type, version of my business has always utilized that one skill.

Digital Marketing Radio on Kindle Book Marketing

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