David Favor: Two Workflows for Marketing Books

Guest Post by David Favor

My big book/content win is a Workflow I’ve used since the 1980s.

Amazon Workflow: More Eyeballs on Books

By lowering your book’s Amazon Sales Rank (ASR) number, you will get more eyeballs. Note: Book reviews have far less ASR effect than this Workflow.

Lower ASR number = More eyeballs.

Here is the workflow:

1) Have book idea.

2) Publish Edition 1 as Kindle ebook before sunset. The ebook should be at least 2,500+ words or Amazon will likely reject your submission. Note: I’ve written and published my last four books in 4 to 8 hours.

3) Update all your books once/month (Kindle version). Every book update drops ASR by 50% for all books linked via your Author Central Account (ACA).

Updates only effect ASR if you…

Email Amazon Support about your book update + request they notify past buyers.

Amazon accepts your request.

Amazon emails an update notice to past buyers.

4) Publish other Kindle Books and link them to your ACA. When you link a new title in your ACA, ASR drops by 50% for all your titles.

5) Make sales. (next)

Advanced Meetup Workflow: Pre and Post Events

For this example I’ll use…

Author: John Kremer

Topic: Talking to Entrepreneurs about Benefits of Being Authors.

Event: Wrapping New York, Book Expo 2015 with Pre + Post Events.

This Workflow can be done by any author in a few hours, so there need be no hiring or training or paying or dealing with staff. And it can be done in the author’s local city first, then scaled to any number of cities.

1) Locate New York Meetup Groups, say…

1000+ members (psize=1000) within 100 miles (radius=100.0) of Manhattan


The top 20 groups have 200,000+ members between them so we have a winning category (entrepreneur) in our target city (New York).

2) Pitch Organizers of Top 20 Groups to speak for their groups preceding Book Expo. If you’re known, a 5-minute email is sufficient. If you’re unknown, craft your email just like you’d craft a Radio Show Host media package (Use Alex Carroll’s Host Pitch Template).

3) When you have 3+ speaking gigs booked, proceed.

4) Now to reach 500,000+ people in or near New York City.

Take the Top 20 groups from above.

Scan their categories “We’re about:” followed by a list.

When a category catches your interest (i.e., people you’d like to access), click the category.

If there are 10+ groups with 1000+ members, note the category.

Repeat, till you have 15 categories.

5) Form your own Meetup Group in New York by setting your new Group’s zip code to Manhattan.

Set your Group’s categories to the 15 categories you noted above.

List your talk(s) at Book Expo and other speaking gigs (Pre/Post Events) as events on your Meetup Group.

6) When Meetup allows your group to form

Meetup Troll ensures your Group Description/Events meet Meetup’s (Terms of Service) and approves your group.

Meetup will email every person in/near New York, who is Camped on the 15 categories you set.

Asking them all to join your new Group!

Based on my past experience, running this Workflow in New York centered around entrepreneur-related categories will reach 500,000+ people. I know this because Meetup used to publish links where you could get the exact numbers. These links have been deleted now, so having past data for cities and categories is the only way to guess at current numbers.

Publish + Promote, Stir + Repeat Forever

Oh yes… and have a very deep backend product or service portfolio, which is where the real money comes from.

I’ve taught a couple of people how to do this over the past few years. In my experience, anyone can get the hang of this process in a few Workflow cycles.

David Favor

About the Author: David Favor

David Favor is the author of the following Kindle ebooks:

Beautiful Business Codex: Living Well Doing What You Love

Crazy Fast Websites: The First Step of Optimizing Your Website Cashflows

Evergreen SEO Machine: Win The SEO Shell Game – Every Day, The Easy Way

Kicking Breast Cancer: The Painless, Natural, Easy Way

Slim Beautiful You, Fast + Fun + Forever!

Thrival Magic: The Art + Science of Rapid Manifestation

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