Should You Steal These Headlines?

Here are 13 examples of great headlines that you can steal (or model) to get attention and traffic:

13 Headlines You Can Steal!

Video: Everything You Need to Know About xxxx in One Minute (or two minutes)

This Is What Happens When You Do xxxx

The Most Amazing xxxx You’ll Ever See!

It Finally Happened: xxxx

Is This the Best xxxx Ever?

xx Signs You Are Part of xxxx (some sort of group or category)

This xxxx Is Genius!

Which xxxx (movie, TV show, cartoon character, etc.) Best Describes You?

Should You Stop Doing xxxx?

All About xxxx (an event, a trending topic, a company, a new social network)

xx Empowering Quotes from xxxx (for inspiring quotes, or funny quotes, or thought-provoking quotes)

This Is What Happens When You Do xxxx

xx Thoughts We’ve All Had While Doing xxxx

If you like these headlines, think of how you can use them for your book titles, news releases, social media posts, and more!


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