Interviews: How to Create Relationships with Key Media People

Would you like to know an effective way to create a real relationship with a top-tier media contact? It’s really quite simple. Just follow what Darrell Gurney, the Career Guy, did back in 2008.

What was he doing? He was inviting top media people to answer questions via free teleseminars with his clients. In one teleseminar, he interviewed Joyce Lain Kennedy, perhaps the top syndicated columnist on careers (and author of a ton of bestselling books). Her Careers Now column is still syndicated in over 100 newspapers.

Now, she benefited from the additional exposure Darrell provided her via the teleseminar. And he benefited by creating a relationship with her while he also gained additional credibility with his potential customers. That’s a win-win for everyone.

Prior to the teleseminar, Joyce asked people to send in questions by going to her website (which, alas, she no longer maintains). Thus, besides the exposure from the teleseminar itself, she also encouraged lots of people to visit her website (and, I hope, encouraging visitors to sign up for her email newsletter).

These were two smart authors working together to create real value for their audience while also exposing more readers to their work.

David Gurney, the Career Guy: These are two smart authors working together to create real value for their audience while also exposing more readers to their work. #books #authors #interviews

By the way, to find out more about the Career Guy, go to his website at

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