John Kremer’s Alexa 400,000 Program

John Kremer’s Alexa 400,000 Program is no long active due to major changes in how Alexa is currently working.

During the past week, I’ve visited dozens of author websites and not one of them was rated higher than 1 million on (which is a relative measure of the amount of traffic websites get). That’s sad.

If you are not getting traffic, you’re not going to sell books. You need traffic to your website. Here is a key way that you can get that traffic:

You can sign up for the Alexa 400,000 Program. Just $1,000 for a 100-day program where I work to drive more traffic to your website. The measure of success is simple: Do I get your website’s Alexa ranking to 400,000 or lower (lower means more traffic).

You can order my 100-day service here:

The goal of the Alexa 400,000 program is to increase traffic to your website so it ranks 400,000 or lower on Alexa. In the past few months, I’ve taken one website from an Alexa rank of 3,500,000 to an Alexa rank of 240,000 (and many other websites to the goal of this program: better than 400,000). The difference is thousands of more visitors to your website every month.

Here’s my guarantee to you: I will continue to work on your website traffic until your website ranks at 400,000 or better on Alexa.

Note: While I do all the heavy lifting in this program, I do need one thing from you — Each time I carry out one of the ten steps in the program, you share the result with your social networks. That means you post it to your Facebook profile and/or fan page. You tweet it. You pin it. You share it on LinkedIn. You Google+ it. You share it, in other words, with any social network you belong to.

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John Kremer is author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, the Relationships Matter Marketing program, and many other books and reports on book marketing, Internet marketing, social media, and book publicity. -- .

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