Video: 10 Uses for QR Codes

These are some key ways people are using QR codes (quick response codes). Any of these ways of using a QR code could easily be adapted to marketing books.

To summarize the video, here are their top 10 uses for QR codes (along with my application of those ideas to book marketing):

Book Marketing Bestsellers QR Code1. Real estate signs – Well, you can’t really have a real estate sign, but you could certainly include a QR code on any signs you use at book signings, seminars, speeches, author readings, etc.

2. Business cards – Always include a QR code on your author business cards that send your readers to your mobile-ready contact page or your newsletter sign-up page.

3. T-shirts – Combine a photo of your book’s cover with a QR code that sends people to your mobile-ready book page.

4. Billboards – A few book authors have actually used QR codes on billboards. Of course, you have to be able to afford a billboard.

5. Postcards – When sending out postcards to advertise or promote your book, include a QR code to your mobile-ready sales page or information page (depending on the purpose of your mailing).

6. Bumper stickers – If you use a QR code on a bumper sticker, keep it simple and your message very simple (something like: check out my book).

7. Magnetic car signs – Feature your book cover and a QR code on a magnetic car sign attached to your driver side door.

8. Store front schedules – A great addition to any sign you provide bookstores when you schedule a talk or book signing. Send people to a mobile-ready page that talks about you, your book, and your bookstore appearance.

9. Newspaper ads – If you use newspaper ads, include a QR code that sends people to your mobile-ready page for more information. A QR code can increase the value of your newspaper ad by ten times.

10. Movie trailers – Use QR codes at the end of your book trailers to send people to a mobile-ready page that features a sales page or newsletter sign-up page.

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