Want to Get Publicity? Tell the Story of a Real-Life Example

If you want to get publicity or sell people on your ideas — via a book, a talk, a webinar, a blog post, or social media, tell the story of a specific real-life example.

If you want people to be worried about global warming, don’t talk about global warming.

Too big. Too hard to grasp. Too hard to figure out how to help.

Tell the story of one lone polar bear cub who is losing its home as it melts around him.

We will respond to that.

John Kremer on Telling a Story

Polar Bear example

Photo credit: ucumari / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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    • carol stanley
    • June 3, 2013

    This makes a lot of sense…and it is so easy to lose your reader with too much information

  1. It is an interesting thought…but the reality is that we have not responded to the plight of the polar bear or any other environmental issue. If we had, the problem would not be getting worse!

    Yes climate science is complex…but rather than trying to understand it, simply accept it the way we do other science. Then have a voice by voting for politicians and party’s that will protect the environment. Voting is so easy and yet so powerful. There is no need to understand how heart medication works…we simply trust the science. But when it comes to the climate change issue we seem to want to ignore the science. Perhaps this is because the sceptics paint the solutions as major hardships going forward. The reality is that those behind the sceptics are afraid of losing control over our lives.

    The reality of a sustainable economic future is one that undermines the wealth pyramid so there is much resistance to changing our ways…..and so the polar bear suffers and eventually so will we.

    • ray
    • December 21, 2013

    ” we will respond to that ” …… yeah but to deal with global warming we need a huge and sustained response, by the majority of the people on the planet, getting a response is the easy part. Appealing to peoples emotions works for sure, but it is largely basic drives fuelled and defended by emotions that is at the heart of much suffering, and our reluctance to care for our planet. It would be great if warm fuzzy stories could help raise our level of consciousness and awareness, and in so doing bring about, not an industrial and technological revolution, but a revolution of the human mind. A revolution that saw us value intellectual maturity, compassion, cooperation, discipline, empathy and a deep concern for the planet and those yet born. If it is security and prosperity we seek, then we MUST! value and pursue wisdom …… if only the polar bears could deliver that ! …… but John, I get your point ….

    Regards Ray

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