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Here are a few blog posts that showcase funny, informative, and entertaining GIFs and graphic memes related to books, authors, writing, reading, and marketing. The posts in bold are GIFs I created.

Are You a Bookaholic?

Arthur Loves Reading

Be Generous

Belle Loves Bookstores

Birthdays Are Good for Your Health Meme

Book Marketing Bestsellers

Book Writing GIFs: Finding a Literary Agent

Book Writing GIFs: How to Find a Publisher for Your Book

Book Writing GIFs: How to Write a Novel

Book Writing GIFs: Your Book Is Finally Published

Books Are Like TV in Your Head!

Books Smell Musty

Bookstore Meme: Are You in the Wrong Bookstore?

The Cat in the Hat Lives!

Change Your Mind, Change Your Direction

Caturday Post: Cats Playing Piano Gif

Caturday Post: Viral Cat Cup Gif

Dogs and Pretty Ladies Like Reading Books

Don’t Be a Fool! Market Your Books Today!

Enjoy a Great Book While Exercising

Funny Book and Writing Memes

Get Ready to Shatter Your Illusions

GIF Magic: Cute Cat Gif

The Gilmore Girls Love Reading

Happy New Year 2014

If You Want the Best Seat in the House, Move the Dog

Is Reading Keeping You Up at Night?

Let’s Hear It for Creative Thinkers and Writers!

Meme and Gif Resource Sites

Mysteries Meme: I Love This Book Meme

Read a Book Or Face the Consequences!

Reading Takes Precedence

Reality Check: The Bad Ass Raccoon Meme

A Tall and Thin GIF

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Book?

You’ve Got Mail Loves Reading Books

How to Speak CatAmazing Cats by Jenny KellettSorry I Barfed on Your Bed by Jeremy GreenbergHow to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You by Matthew Inman

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