John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week: February 28, 2014

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week

February 28, 2014 – The last day of American Heart Month

In this issue . . .
– Check Out These Book Marketing Blog Posts
– Twitter Widgets You Can Create and Use
– AuthorU Extravaganza: May 1 to 3 in Denver, Colorado
– 100 Ways to Say Great – and Support Others!
– Branded Images to Promote Your Book or Website

Yes, I’m breaking all the rules by sending out an email late on a Friday afternoon (or early evening for some of you).

Check Out These 10 Book Marketing Blog Posts!
VIP: 7 Ways to Engage The Readers of Your Blog –

Book Author Featured in Viral Video –

Making a Hundred Friends Is Not a Miracle –

Glen Allsopp: How I Would Make Money Online If I Were Starting from Scratch –

VIP: Two Key Book Marketing Tips –

Andy Rooney on Cookbooks and Diet Books –

Creative Time Management 101 –

VIP: Social Networking Glossary: Social Media Words You Should Know –

Books Are Trees Given a Life After Death –

Any Idea Can Turn Into Dust or Magic –

Author 101 University will be held in Los Angeles, California, on March 6 to 9, 2014. For more information, go here: Author 101 University

If you want to increase your visibility online and get more traffic to your website, be sure to become members of the following two websites and/or start to be more active on them. and

Twitter Widgets You Can Create and Use
In the following three blog posts, I show you how to create various Twitter widgets to showcase your tweets, to feature the tweets of other people you’ve added to a list (like the Independent Booksellers
I feature in a list), and to reveal what other people are tweeting about you.

Twitter Widgets: Feature Your Tweets! –

Twitter Widgets: Share the Tweets of a List You Created –

Twitter Widgets: See What People Are Sharing About You –

Note: You can get your Twitter profile featured on this page simply by including @johnkremer in a tweet or retweet. That means more exposure for you and the possibility of more followers and retweets for you as well!

So start talking to me via @JohnKremer on Twitter!

AuthorU Extravaganza

AuthorU Extravaganza: May 1 to 3 in Denver, Colorado
Join me at the AuthorU Extravaganza event in Denver, Colorado on May 1 to 3, 2014. This is going to be an incredible event with tons of nitty-gritty practical information on how to sell more books. Check out just a few of the talks that will be given during this 3-day event …

John Kremer on The Secret to Marketing on the Internet in Less Than an Hour a Day

Amy Collins on Selling Your Books at Amazon and Other Online Retailers—Today’s Facts, Not Yesterday’s Myths

Daniel Hall on Audiobook Cashflow Fast & Easy: Step By Step Blueprint

Amber Ludwig on The 6 Website Must-Haves to Sell More Books, Improve Your Credibility and Grow Your Following

Dan Poynter on Targeting Potential Customers … Send announcements on your book only to people who care

Susan Gilbert on YouTube from Soup to Nuts … Getting Started with YouTube Marketing

Joel Comm on Ka-ching! Internet Marketing

Joan Stewart on Quick and Dirty Blog Posts When You Don’t Have Time to Write

and a whole lot more! Find out more here:

100 Ways to Say Great – and Support Others!
If you want great support for your goals, you need to start by supporting others. Learn how to say GREAT!

Everyone likes to hear that they are great or that something they’ve done is great. If you want to praise someone big time, try one of these alternatives. Here are some astonishing words for writing sales copy, writing book reviews, praising others, and getting more partners to promote you and your book.

Branded Images to Promote Your Book or Website
I am now offering image design services for bloggers and book authors. You can find samples of the kinds of images I can create at: (and related links).

The normal fee is $40 for one image or $287 for 10 images, but from now until the Ides of March, you can use the links below to get a 25% get-acquainted discount.

One unique image you can use anywhere: $30 – Click Here

Ten unique images you can use anywhere: $215 – Click Here

Note: These will be BRANDED images, branded with your website, book title, and/or sales link.

Inspirational Quote
Ultimately, we’ll be remembered for two things: The problems we helped solve and the problems we helped create. We have a choice. Choose wisely! — Robert C. K. Lee

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