Newspaper Book Review Editors

These book reviewers have been updated as indicated by the date noted after the listing. Note that this list also often includes the website URL for other reporter contacts at these newspapers. If the contact is vital to you, verify the book reviewer’s name and address before making submissions.

Please send us any corrections or additions. Email Thanks. I need your feedback to keep this list up-to-date.

Please note that most newspapers don’t review books any more and, when they do, they only review new books. So they need to see books (galley copies or advanced review copies) six to 12 weeks before the publication date of the book.

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Albuquerque Journal, 7777 Jefferson Street NE, Albuquerque NM 87109; 505-823-4400. Web: No book reviews. Updated 6/22.

Events calendar submissions:

Anchorage Daily News, Mike Dunham, Book Editor, 1001 Northway Drive (99508-2098), P O Box 149001, Anchorage AK 99514-9001; 907-257-4305 (life section); 907-257-4200 (main number). Email: Web: Editor and reporter contacts: Only reviews books about Alaska and by Alaskans. Takes reviews off newswire. Updated 2/09.

The Arizona Republic, Randy Cordova, Pop Culture Editor (also books), 200 E Van Buren, Phoenix AZ 85004; 602-444-8000; Fax: 602-444-2417. Email: Web: Randy: 602-444-8849. Updated 2/15.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 223 Perimeter Center Parkway, Atlanta GA 30346; 404-526-5747. Web: Sadly, they don’t seem to have a book review section anymore. Probably your best chance is to contact one of the Sunday Living and Arts Reporters below. Updated 8/11.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporters

Austin American Statesman, 305 S. Congress Avenue (78704), P.O. Box 670, Austin, TX 78767; 512-445-3610; Fax: 512-445-3968. Web: http://www.Austin360. com or Updated 11/09.

Jody Seaborn, Book Editor. Email:

Joe Gross, books reporter and editor. Email:

Baltimore Sun, 501 N Calvert Street (21202); P O Box 1377, Baltimore MD 21278. 410-332-6100. Web: Editor and reporter directory:,0,536389.htmlpage. Updated 2/15.

Mary Carole McCauley, Books Reporter; 410-332-6704. Email: Note: most of their book reviews come from from the LA Times.

The Baton Rouge Advocate, 7290 Blue Bonnet Road (70810); P O Box 588, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-0588; 225-383-1111. Web: Employee list: Local-related books are covered by local reporters. They currently do not have a book editor. Updated 4/14.

Boston Globe, 135 Morrissey Boulevard, P.O. Box 2378, Boston, MA 02125; 617-929-2000. Web: Reporters and editors: Updated 12/20. Web:

Kate Tuttle, Book Editor. Email:

Amy Sullivan, Globe Correspondent, interviews authors. Twitter: Email:

Nicole Lamy, the previous book editor, still reviews books for the Globe in the Short Stack column. This email may still be valid:

Boston Herald, 1 Herald Street (02118), P.O. Box 55843, Boston MA 02205; 617-426-3000; Fax: 617-451-3506. Arts & Lifestyle: 617-619-6193. Email: Web: Most book news is from the Associated Press. Updated 9/16.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Ben Pierce, 2820 West College, Bozeman MT 59715; 406-587-4491; Fax: 406-587-7995. Email: Web: Update 12/15.

Buffalo News, Jeff Simon, Sunday Arts & Books Editor, One News Plaza, P.O. Box 100, Buffalo, NY 14240; 800-777-8680; Fax: 716-856-5150. Email: Web: Features editors: Update 4/15.

Charlotte Observer, Pam Kelley, Reading Life Editor, 600 S. Tryon Street, Charlotte NC 28202; 704-358-5024; Fax: 704-358-5036. Email: Pam: 704-358-5271. Web: or Staff listings: Updated 8/12.

Chicago Sun-Times, Teresa Budasi, Books Editor, 350 N. Orleans Street, 10th Floor, Chicago IL 60654; 312-321-3000. Email: Web: One of the ten largest newspapers in the U.S., the Sun-Times is dropping most book coverage except for coverage of local authors. Updated 2/15.

Chicago Tribune, Elizabeth Taylor, Literary Editor, 435 N. Michigan Avenue #400, Chicago IL 60611-4022; 312-222-3232; Fax: 312-222-3143 or 312-222-0236 (features). Web: Reviews very few independent presses. Now in the Saturday issue rather than Sunday. Updated 2/15.

Christian Science Monitor, One Norway Street, Boston, MA 02115; 617-450-2000; Fax: 617-450-7575. Book Editor (617-450-2462). Web:

Cincinnati Enquirer, 312 Elm Street, Cincinnati OH 45202; 513-768-8477; Fax: 513-768-8340. Web: Local news: Editorial contacts: No book reviews. Updated 2/15.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, Skylight Office Tower, 1660 West 2nd Street #3200, Cleveland, OH 44113; 216-999-4800; 800-688-4802; Fax: 216-999-6354. Web: They do not do book reviews. They do feature a few syndicated book reviews. Updated 9/15.

Contra Costa Times, Sue Gilmore, Book Editor, Bookends, 175 Lennon Lane #100, Walnut Creek CA 94598; 925-977-8482; main phone: 925-935-2525. Email: Web: http://www.contracosta and http://www.mercurynews. com/books. They have just reinstated their book review section in print. Contact list: Updated 2/15.

Dallas Morning News, Michael Merschel, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor, Books, P O Box 655237, Dallas TX 75265; 214-977-8594. Email: Web: Main phone number: 214-977-8222; Fax: 214-977-8838. Lifestyle editors: Twitter: Updated 5/17.

The Denver Post, Ray Rinaldi, Books Editor, 101 W Colfax Avenue #600, Denver CO 80202; 303-820-1624;Fax: 303-820-1679. Email: Web: Editors: Updated 12/11.

Detroit Free Press, Steve Byrne, Entertainment Editor, 615 West Lafayette Street, Detroit MI 48231; 313-222-5977; Fax: 313-223-4726. Email: Web: Main number: 313-222-6400. Editors: 200551101001. Updated 4/09.

East Bay Times, 2121 N California Boulevard #290, Walnut Creek CA 94596; 925-935-2525. Web: Updated 6/22.

News Tips, Local News:

Breaking Bay Area News:

Letters to the Editor: (submission form)

Randy McMullen, Arts and Entertainment Editor; 510-293-2461. Email:

Book and other events: Anne Gelhaus. Email:

Business and technology stories:

Linda Zavoral, Food Reporter; 408-920-5960. Email:

South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 200 E. Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-2293; 954-356-4710; Fax: 954-356-4612. Web: No current book editor. Primarily syndicated reviews. Updated 12/16.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Stephanie Allmon, Assistant Managing Editor, Features, P O Box 1870, Fort Worth TX 76101; 817-390-7720. Web: Life & Arts Department: 817-390-7750; Fax: 817-390-7257. Email: Newsroom number: 817-390-7400. Editors: They don’t really do original book reviews. Updated 11/12.

Hartford Courant, 285 Broad Street, Hartford CT 06115; Main: 860-241-6200. Web: Reporter/editor listings:,0,7366803.html. No book reviewer, but MaryEllen Fillo, an entertainment columnist once interviewed a book author. Email: Updated 06/12.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, 7 Waterfront Plaza #210, 500 Ala Moana, Honolulu HI 96813; 808-529-4747; Fax: 808-529-4750. Web: Editors: Star_Advertiser_Contact_Information.html. No book reviews. Updated 11/10.

Christie Wilson, Today Editor; Email:

Book signings and events email:

Houston Chronicle, Maggie Galehouse, Book Editor, 801 Texas Street (77002-2904), P.O. Box 4260, Houston, TX 77210; 713-362-7171. Email: Web: Updated 4/09.

Indianapolis Star, Jennifer Morlan, Life Editor, 130 S Meridian Street, Indianapolis IN 46225; 317-444-6921. Email: Web: For a list of reporters, see Updated 2/15.

International Herald Tribune, 6 bis, rue des Graviers, 92521 Neuilly Cedex, France; (33-1) 41 43 93 22; Fax: (33-1) 41 43 93 32. General email: Web: A daily international English-language newspaper owned by the New York Times. Book reviews are taken from the New York Times. Updated 11/16.

Kansas City Star, Steve Paul, Arts Editor, 1729 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City MO 64108-1413; 816-234-4141; Fax: 816-234-4926. Email: Web: Editorial contacts: Short book reviews, primarily from other sources. Updated 2/11.

Los Angeles Times Book Review, 202 West 1st Street, Los Angeles CA 90012; 213-237-7778; Fax: 213-237-5916. Main #s: 213-237-5000; Fax: 213-237-7679. Email: Web: book. Editorial staff:,0,3058915.htmlstory. Jacket Copy book blog: Send email first with as much information as possible to – no attachments. Updated 4/14.

Joy Press, Books and Culture Editor. Email:

David Ulin, Book Critic. Email:

Carolyn Kellogg, Staff Writer – Writes about books. Email:



Louisville Courier-Journal, 525 W Broadway, P O Box 740031, Louisville KY 40201-7431; 502-582-4667; Fax: 502-582-4665. Web: For a list of other Courier-Journal editors (with phone numbers and email addresses), see their website at: No book reviews. Updated 2/17.

Marin Independent Journal, 103 Shoreline Parkway #201, San Rafael CA 94901; 415-883-8600. Editorial Fax: 415-883-5458. Editorial contacts: Updated 6/22.

Press release email:

Arts and Entertainment Calendar and listings: Colleen Bidwill; 415-382-7282. Email:

Miami Herald, Connie Ogle, Book Editor, One Herald Plaza, Miami, FL 33132-1693; 305-376-3649; Fax: 305-376-8950. Email: Web: Updated 12/13.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 333 W. State Street, P.O. Box 371, Milwaukee, WI 53201; 414-224-2181; General: 414-224-2000. Web: Here’s what their old book editor once wrote about self-help books: “I would never have bothered with them had it not been for a perverse idea to poke fun at them.” This is a common opinion among newspaper book reviewers. Updated 8/09.

Minneapolis Star Tribune, Laurie Hertzel, Books Editor, 425 Portland Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55488; 612-673-4380; Fax: 612-673-7568. Email: Web: General news: 612-673-4414. Updated 2/09.

Nashville Tennessean, 1100 Broadway, Nashville TN 37203; 615-259-8228; Fax: 615-259-8057. Web: Updated 2/17.

New Orleans Times-Picayune,3800 Howard Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70125-1429; 504-826-3457; 800-925-0000; Fax: 504-826-3186. Living section email: Web: and Updated 11/12.

New York Daily News, Sherryl Connelly, Book Editor, 4 New York Plaza, New York, NY 10004; 212-210-2100; Fax: 212-643-7831. Email: Web: Updated 9/13.

New York Observer, Alexandra Peers, Culture Editor, 321 West 44th Street, 6thFloor, New York, NY 10036; 212-755-2400; 800-542-0420; Fax: 212-688-4889. Email: Web: A weekly newspaper in New York City. Updated 6/12.

New York Post, 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036; 212-930-8000; Fax: 212-930-8542. Web: Updated 2/09.

New York Times Book Review, 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018-1405; 212-556-1234 or 212-556-3652; Fax: 212-556-3690. Web: You can send email to most reporters and critics via the website.

Gilbert Cruz, Book Editor. Twitter:

Dwight Garner, senior writer and book critic

Janet Maslin, book critic

Sarah Harrison Smith, Children’s Book Editor at the New York Times Book Review

Main emails for the various sections in the paper:

Newark Star-Ledger, Jacqueline Cutler, 1 Star-Ledger Plaza, Newark, NJ 07102; 973-392-4040. Web: Newsroom contacts: Updated 2/15.

Newsday, 235 Pinelawn Road, Melville NY 11747-4250. Web: Arts & Entertainment Editor, 2 Park Avenue, 8th Floor, New York NY 10016-5695; 212-251-6622; Fax: 212-696-0590. Features/Entertainment (Part 2): 631-843-2950; Fax: 631-843-2065. Option: 631-843-4659. Updated 8/12.

Tom Beer, Books Editor. Email:

Aileen Jacobson, Media Writer

The Oregonian, Jeff Baker, Book Editor, 1320 S.W. Broadway, Portland OR 97201-9911; 503-221-8165; 877-238-8221, ext. 8165; Fax: 503-294- 5172. Email: Web: Editors: Updated 2/11.

Orlando Sentinel, Arts and Entertainment Editor, Books, 633 N. Orange Avenue, Orlando FL 32801; 407-420-5671; main number: 407-420-5000. Web: After big papers do a review, send info on the book. They are followers not leaders. Updated 1/15.

Philadelphia Inquirer, John Timpane, Books Editor, 801 Market Street #301, Philadelphia PA 19107; 215-854-2401. Email: Web: Updated 1/15.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Tony Norman, Book Review Editor, 34 Boulevard of the Allies (15222), P O Box 566, Pittsburgh PA 15230; 412-263-1601; Tony: 412-263-1631; Fax: 412-391-8452. Email: Web: Twitter: Updated 4/14.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, D. L. Clark Building, 503 Martindale Street, 3rd Floor, Pittsburgh PA 15212; 412-321-6460. Web: They do not have a book review editor but feature reviews from LA Times and Associated Press. Updated 4/14.

Providence Journal-Bulletin, Phil Kukielski, Managing Editor, Features, 75 Fountain Street, Providence RI 02902; 401-277-7000; Fax: 401-277-7346. Email: Send newstips to: Web: Updated 11/12. — I see dozens of news releases every day. Few make the grade. Most are uninteresting, unnewsworthy, and product-oriented. What does it take to sell books with a good news release? In a 15-minute phone call, I can give you feedback on your news release to help you make it one that sells books. — John Kremer

Sacramento Bee, Cathie Anderson, Features Editor, 2100 Q Street, P O Box 15779, Sacramento CA 95852; 916-321-1000; Fax: 916-321-1109. Email: Web: Updated 2/09.

“I am a writer in the Sacramento Valley area, and have contacted the Bee numerous times concerning book reviews. The answer has been consistent, if not encouraging: They DO NOT do fiction reviews. They reprint syndicated review columns from Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, et al. in their Ticket section – when they print book reviews at all. If a nonfiction book has some immediate relevance to something going on in Sacra-tomato, they might give it some coverage.”

Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, Jane Henderson, Book Review Editor, 900 N. Tucker Boulevard, Saint Louis, MO 63101; 314-340-8107; Arts and entertainment: 314-340-8124; Features Fax: 314-340-3080. Email: Web: Her Book Blog: Main phone: 314-340-8000. Editors: Updated 8/10.

Salt Lake Tribune, Ellen Weist, Books & Theater Reviews, 90 South 400 West, Salt Lake City UT 84101; 801-257-8742; Fax: 801-257-8525. Opinion fax: 801-257-8515. Email: Web: Staff info: Ellen: 801-257-8621. They don’t have an official book page. Few book reviews. Updated 4/14.

San Antonio Express-News, Steve Bennett, Books Editor, 301 Avenue E (78205), P O Box 2171, San Antonio TX 78297-2171; 210-250-3000; City Desk: 201-250-3171; Fax: 210-250-3105. Email: Web: Newsroom contacts: Maggie Galehouse writes about books; email: Updated 5/12.

San Diego Union-Tribune, Robert L. Pincus, Books Editor, P.O. Box 120191, San Diego, CA 92112-0191; 619-293-1321; 800-244-6397; Fax: 619-293-2436. Email: Web: Also web: Pincus’s blog: Creative Reading. Updated 2/09.

San Francisco Chronicle, 901 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103; 415-777-6258; Fax: 415-957-8737. Web: Main phone number: 415-777-1111. Chronicle staff: SF Chronicle apparently now does two reviews every Sunday. Updated 4/23.

Barbara Lane, Books Columnist. Barbara Lane can’t remember a time when she didn’t have her nose in a book. Her column appears every other Tuesday in Datebook. Email:

San Jose Mercury News, 75 E Santa Clara Street #1100, San Jose CA 95113; 408-920-5000; main fax: 408-288-8060. Email: for features and lifestyle stories. Staff contacts: Newsroom: 408-920-5444. Updated 6/22.

News Tips, Local News:

Breaking Bay Area News:

Letters to the Editor: submission form

Randy McMullen, Arts and Entertainment Editor; 510-293-2461. Email:

Book and other events: Anne Gelhaus. Email:

Business and technology stories:

Linda Zavoral, Food Reporter; 408-920-5960. Email:

Santa Fe New Mexican, Kristina Melcher, Pasatiempo Editor, 202 E Marcy Street (87501), P O Box 2048, Santa Fe NM 87504-2048; 505-995-3878. Main switchboard: 505-983-3303. News: 505-986-3030; Fax: 505-986-9147. Email: Web: http://www.santafenew Updated 2/09.

Seattle Times, 1000 Denny Way, Seattle WA 98109; P O Box 70, Seattle WA 98111; 206-464-2496; Fax: 206-464-2261. Web: Reviews few independent presses outside region. Editorial staff listing: Updated 9/13.

Mary Ann Gwinn, Books Editor; 206-464-2357. Email:

Michael Upchurch, book critic; 206-464-8793

Tampa Bay Times, Colette Bancroft, Book Editor, 490 First Avenue S (33701), P.O. Box 1121, Saint Petersburg FL 33731; 727-893-8435; 800-333-7505. Email: Web: Contact page: Updated 10/15.

Pamela Davis, Staff Writer, HotStuff (in teen section). She reviews YA novels, music, movies, games, etc. of interest to teens. Updated 2/09.

Tampa Tribune, The News Center, 202 S. Parker Street (33606-2395), P.O. Box 191, Tampa, FL 33601-0191; General: 813-259-7711; Newsroom: 813-259-7600. Web: No book news or reviews. Updated 10/15.

Toronto Star, One Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1E6 Canada. Web: Editorial contact: Updated 4/14.

Jennifer Hunter, Columnist, The Reader. Features Canadian fiction and non-fiction. 416-869-4249. Email: Twitter: (but not active).

Barbara Carey, Columnist, Poetry. Sporadic reviews of poetry.

Deirdre Baker, Columnist, Small Print. Mini-reviews of books for tots to teens, every other week.>

USA Today, 7950 Jones Branch Drive, McLean VA 22108-0605; 703-854-3400; Fax: 703-854-2053 and 703-854-2049. Email: Web: New York bureau: 535 Madison Avenue, 20th Floor, New York NY 10022. Want to email specific reporters at USA Today? For those that have email addresses, the following formula works most of the time:

While the paper reviews few books (only 5 to 10 on Thursdays), the book editor does make all books she receives available in a small library for other editors to use.

Barbara VanDenburgh, Book Editor. Email: Twitter:

Voice Literary Supplement, Village Voice, 36 Cooper Square, New York NY 10003-4846; 212-475-3300; Fax: 212-475-8944. Email: Web: Staff listing: Zach Baron, Senior Associate Editor, blogs book reviews.

Wall Street Journal, 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY 10036; 212-416-2000. Web: Updated 12/17.

Christopher Carduff, Books Editor

Sam Sacks, Columnist, Fiction Chronicle

Tom Nolan, Columnist, Mysteries

Tom Shippey, Columnist, Science Fiction

Meghan Cox Gurdon, Columnist, Children’s Books

Washington Post, 1150 15th Street N.W., Washington, DC 20071; 202-334-6000; Fax: 202-334-7502. Web: Editor info: You can email staff members via that web page. The Post also provides a guide to all the DC area bookstores. Updated 12/13.

Steve Levingston, Nonfiction Editor. Now reports to the Outlook section.

Ron Charles, Fiction Editor. Reports to the Style section. Email: Twitter: He also writes and produces his own video blog of book reviews.

Elizabeth Ward, Children’s Books. Email: She reviews many children’s books. She also works at the copy desk for foreign stories.

Washington Times, 3600 New York Avenue NE, Washington DC 20002-1947; Main phone: 202-636-3000. Fax: 202-832-2235. Web: Updated 2/09.

Carol Herman, Books Editor. Email:

Jennifer Harper, Media Issues Reporter; 202-636-3085. Email: She also covers book publishing. Don’t send review copies. She doesn’t do reviews, but she does cover interesting publishing stories if you have one to tell. Send her information on your innovations.

Westchester Journal-News, One Gannett Drive, White Plains NY 10604; 914-694-9300; Fax: 914-696-8396. Web: Editors: They don’t have a book editor, but their monthly Mind section features many books and authors. They only review local authors. Updated 7/07.

Mary Dolan, Life&Style Editor; 914-694-5070; Fax: 914-696-8122.

Robert Heisler, Entertainment Editor; 914-694-3507.

Kathy McClusky, Arts/Events Editor; 914-694-5074.

Newspaper Book Reviewers: Please note that most newspapers only review new books.

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    • blueboxreoutlookcom
    • November 11, 2017


    Thanks for putting this list together which I just stumbled upon. It sure would be great to have an updated version of this list. I had about a 50% success rate in emailing the contacts listed to promote my new commercial real estate tale, “Don’t Sign the Lease! The Tale of a Triumphant Business Owner.”

    Appreciate your work,


  1. Please let me know which contacts were no longer valid.
    Note: Email success rates don’t always reflect a bad email address.
    Some email recipients have filters that reject any unsolicited emails.
    But I’d still like to know which emails did not work.
    John Kremer

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