Book Marketing Tips: Getting Publicity for Your Books and Authors

Here are a few book publicity tips excerpted from the new Real World Edition of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books:

Book Marketing Tip #101: Set up your own information bureau.

To establish your company as a source of information related to your specialty, establish a press syndicate or information bureau. A syndicate does not need to be complicated. It could be comprised of a simple monthly mailing (or emailing) of news story ideas, feature articles, and other items.

Reebok sent out many background information releases under the auspices of the Reebok Aerobic Information Bureau. Associated Press featured one of their releases about a study conducted by USC researchers that showed that exercising improves problem-solving abilities, concentration, and short-term memory. What a way to sell shoes! Why not books as well?

1001 Ways to Market Your Books, Real World Edition

Zondervan once formed the Zondervan Press Syndicate, a monthly feature service sent to interested newspaper and magazine editors. Each mailing included story ideas and camera-ready articles: book excerpts, feature articles, Q&A articles, word puzzles, cartoons, author columns, guest editorials, opinion articles, biographies, and special days of the month material.

Zondervan also mailed a monthly newsletter, Producer’s Report, which featured interview ideas for radio and TV producers. They also formed the Zondervan Radio Network that mailed free audio cassettes to 350 radio stations. The tapes featured various lengths of recorded material, from 30-second news segments to 23-minute author interviews. Note: This could work well with online media, websites, and bloggers as well. You could feature the sample audios on the media pages of your website for easy download.

This is doable for any author or publisher!

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