Jeff Rivera on Career Success

Guest Post by Jeff Rivera

The following is taken from a Facebook post that Jeff Rivera posted today.

I’ve discovered something interesting:

If you want career success, before you buy another book, enroll in another seminar, or pay for another webinar, start with the basics:

Return calls & emails in a timely manner (meaning, within 24 hours).

When someone comments on your Facebook update, acknowledge it.

Say, “Please” and “Thank you.”

Turn off the TV.

Jeff Rivera on Writing Success

Check your email once a day not 400 times a day.

Turn off Twitter.

And God-forbid, turn off Facebook.

Treat other people like you wish they’d treat you.

And if you’re too busy to do the above and you’re wondering why you haven’t made it yet, maybe that’s why.

Those things will take you a lot further than any webinar.

And they don’t cost a penny.

Jeff Rivera on Facebook:

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