Book Marketing Tip of the Week: 28 November 2012

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week

November 28, 2012December is Digital Media Production Month Awards Show Mania Month, Art and Architecture Books Month, Caribbean Tourism Month, Universal Human Rights Month, Identity Theft Prevention Month, Read a New Book Month, National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, Made in America Month, Colorectal Cancer Education & Awareness Month

In this issue . . .
– Infographics of the Day: Internet Marketing and More
– Book Promotion Blog Posts

Infographic of the Day: Internet Marketing and More

Here are 8 new infographics I’ve shared on my new website at

Infographics: Facebook Questions

The four main personas of a link builder. This infographic provides insight into your strengths and weaknesses in building links. –

The Top 5 Bestselling Kindle eBooks from the past five years –

As a small business, you should check out this infographic to map your path to online visibility and success. –

Now that you’ve spent all your money at Black Friday events, can you still spare a dime for one of these charities:

Learn what other marketers are doing for the 2012 holiday season. See what consumers expect from your holiday marketing campaigns and how you can squeeze the most results out of your marketing efforts. –

4 Simple Strategies to Engage Your Website Visitors –

This infographic that highlights how channel owners are monetizing YouTube and keeping viewers engaged. 20% of respondents claim to be making a full-time living from their YouTube activities. –

Thinks to be thankful for #thanksgiving #thanks –

Book Promotion Blog Posts
John Kremer: 1001 Ways to Market Your BooksHere are 12 blog posts that should help you write and market your books:

The 12 best ways to get Facebook fans for your pages –

Andrew Stanton on the Power of Storytelling: Learn how to write better news releases, blog posts, and books by telling stories. –

How to Use Facebook Questions to Increase Social Comments –

These videos can help you create videos that people will actually want to view, share with their friends, and even pass along to strangers. –

In the past, word of mouth spread to a handful of people within a customer’s closest circle of friends and family. Now, customers are broadcasting their experiences on social media to the online world, amplifying the impact of your company’s interactions. –

Does selling rights to a novel make sense anymore? Or should I publish ebook editions of my new novel? – John’s Answer:

I love manuscripts that surprise me—that take off the top of my head (to paraphrase Emily Dickinson on poetry). A strong voice, an unexpected take on a familiar subject, an unusual subject, a sense of humor, a dead-on instinct for story. I look for a writer I would read for pleasure. – book editor Sharyn November –

Listen in to this podcast on publishing ebooks. If you’ve ever considered publishing an ebook, listen in now. –

Shawn Achor on the Wisdom of Play – Perhaps you can use some of his ideas in your social networks and book marketing activities. –

Podcast: How to Create and Promote Viral Videos –

Michael Stelzner on How to Build a High-Traffic Website –

John Robert Marlow on Turning Your Novel into a Movie –

Quotable Books

You bring your own weather to the picnic. Life is what you make it. You can choose to see rain and be negative or see sunshine and be positive. — Harlan Coben, bestselling novelist

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