Ebook Publishing: The Best Deal for Book Authors and Novelists?

Author’s Question:

Does selling rights to a novel make sense anymore? Or should I simply publish ebook editions of my new novel?

John’s Answer:

Novelists are starting to realize that signing deals with major book publishers is no longer the best deal. Not only do you have to wait a year or more for your novel to be published, but you have to settle for ebook royalty rates of 25% (effectively 15% after discounts, agent fees, etc.) rather than the 70% you can get from Amazon for a Kindle ebook.

Kindle FireThat’s why publishing ebooks may well be the best answer for any book author, fiction or nonfiction.

As bestselling thriller novelist Barry Eisler has noted: “The highest profit margin activity an author can engage in is writing.”

For some lengthy discussions of your options as a novelist, check out the following blog posts:

Ebooks and Self-Publishing – A Dialog Between Authors Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath (Note: This is long: over 13,000 words, but valuable for novelists thinking about self-publishing ebook versions of their new novels.)

J. A. Konrath is also the author of The Newbie’s Guide to Publishing, a 1,100 page Kindle ebook for only $2.99 that featured 370,000 words on writing and publishing.

Selling Your Kindle Book by M. Louisa Lock

Amanda Hocking gets a four-book deal in the $2 million range by MediaBistro

Some Things That Need to Be Said by Amanda Hocking

Pretty Much Everything I Have to Say About How to Do What I Do by Amanda Hocking

An Epic Tale of How It All Happened by Amanda Hocking – This is the key post telling the secret behind her success.

After reading these blog posts, will you decide to publish your next novel as an ebook? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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