Free Graphics Websites: Free Photos and Images for Your Graphic Quotes

Here is the best and most comprehensive list of free graphics websites for tracking down great free photos, free images, free graphics, and free videos that you can use in creating your book covers, graphic quotes, videos, slideshows, app designs, blog post images, and website graphics.

My favorite free images sites include Unsplash, Snap Wire Snaps, Unprofound, Morguefile, MMT Stock, Life of Vids (for videos), Cupcake, Pixabay, All Silhouettes, and Open Clip Art.

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Adobe Express: — You can create graphic posts for your blog, website, or social media. Adobe provides many free images you can use with your image template. One of the neat things is that you can automatically resize your images for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

All Silhouettes: — A really great set of black and white graphics. I downloaded a ton of resources here. Terms: You are free to use it for personal or commercial purposes. It means you can use it to create any sort of graphics: prints, T-shirt designs, web design and banners, posters, flyers, templates, logotypes, fonts, scrapbooking, rubber stamps production, package, fabric or fashion design, wallpapers, book/dvd/cd covers, calendars, b-cards, business letters design. And so on… I hopes it’s clear now that you can use it for anything you want. You can use single silhouettes as is, mix some of them, modify it, or use only few elements. You can take vectors from different packs, combine them together, color with nice gradients, add some text and sell you illustration on stock sites, I don’t mind.

Books Image from Benkyou Studios

Benkyou Studios — All Textures on this website were based on photos or scannings taken by me. You are free to use them for any purpose such as games or artwork, commercial or non commercial with the exception that you may not sell them unaltered in as is as part of a texture collection.

Big Foto — Most of BigFoto’s pictures have been contributed by amateur photographers who want nothing more than to see their images on the internet. They are happy for you to use their work on your own website, as wallpaper on your computer desktop, or to print off and hang on your wall. You can even use the photos free of charge for commercial purposes with a link to the website.

Boss Fight: — Lots of great photos. Categories: tech, objects, nature, people, animals, food, city, buildings. My mission is to simply provide a single location for great stock images and photography that are entirely free to use for whatever anyone wants to do. That’s pretty much it. No strings attached, no attribution, just great stuff to use for personal projects, blogs, websites, and other digital collateral. Enjoy!

British Library Collection — Features drawings and images from old books with few known copyrights restrictions. You can also download many of the original books these images were taken from.

Budget Stock Photo: — Allows you to search over 320 free and paid stock photo websites. You can also download a free PDF ebook of stock photo resources without having to give your email.

Christian Image Source: http://www.christianimagesource.comHere you will find hundreds of free Christian images to use in almost any way you wish. In addition, if you need a higher resolution image, we provide larger image files at affordable prices. Terms: You can use the images royalty-free, without copyright restrictions, for items you want for personal use or to sell, as long as you don’t redistribute the images themselves in any way.

Clker: — Free clip art you can use for anything you like. This site also provides image editing tools.

Comic Book Plus: — Features public domain comic books (over 30,000 of them) and cartoon strips.

Creative Market: — A paid marketplace of fonts, graphics, images, templates, themes, and photos. Plus they offer some free stuff every week. Sign up for their email to be alerted to the new free stuff. But note that everything else is paid content. Motto: Power to the creators. Welcome to the marketplace built to support amazing creative content producers like you.

Cupcake: — All photos are licensed under the Creative Commons license CC0, which means that you are free to use the images without any costs. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking for permission.

Death to the Stock Photo: — Get free monthly photos for commercial use, your blog posts, social accounts, and mockups. You can reproduce, collect, adapt, and distribute the photos. Licensor grants you a worldwide, royalty-free, nonexclusive, perpetual license to exercise rights in the photographs. They offer premium memberships as well: The creatives you fund send stuff right back at you, as new image packs, stories, and inspiration galore.

Design Image Source: — Features hundreds of Victorian design elements primarily in black and white with a few in color. Categories include animals, corners, dividers, emblems and shields, fantasy, frames and borders, flowers, objects, people, and religion. Here you will find hundreds of amazing free images and illustrations to use in almost any way you wish. In addition, if you need a higher resolution image, we provide larger image files at affordable prices.

Dreamstime — Most of this site is paid content, but the link on the left takes you to their free section: If you are a designer, here you can download high resolution Royalty Free stock images for free. If you are a photographer, this section offers you the opportunity to achieve great portfolio exposure by offering free images (one free stock image or more, up to you).Note: You have to sign in to download any images.

Entypo+: — 411 carefully crafted premium pictograms by Daniel Bruce. Entypo+ is the third version of a free suite of premium quality pictograms. It’s released under the license CC BY-SA 4.0. Each pictogram has been drawn for pixel perfection at a size of 20 x 20 pixels and with a very consistent style. 

Flickr — Many of the photos people share on this network come with permission for others to use. Be sure to read any notices on or near any photos you want to use.

Focus Fitness — Free stock images featuring foods, diet, weight loss, fitness, yoga, running, and exercises.

FoodiesFeed: — Features a lots of free realistic food images in high resolution and other free digital stuff related to food. Great for cookbook authors, food bloggers, etc.

Fotolia — By Adobe. 888-674-2299. Download 3 high-definition stock photos and illustrations for free each week ( Fotolia’s royalty-free licenses allow you to use our free images anywhere in the world for as long as you like. Otherwise: $249.00 per year for 25 downloads per day.

4 Free Photos: — Topics: abstract, architecture, business, food, industrial, interiors, nature, science, sports and recreation, textures, transportation, and travel.

The photographers are offering these images and illustrations to the public, to use them for most of the commercial and personal purposes, free of charge under a Creative Commons license. The images do not have a model release so please be careful when using the images featuring products, trademark, people, works of art and propriety in commercial purposes or to endorse products or services. Please note that we, the photographers, have offered these images for free to be useful for people in their projects without limiting how they are used, but we are not able to provide any legal counsel or warranties of any kind on the way they can be used in projects, especially commercial ones. The images are offered as is and without warranty.

Free Foto: — is made up of 132549 images with 183 sections organized into 3640 categories. is the largest collection of free photographs on the Internet (link back and attribution required). The comprehensive, yet easy to navigate site, offers images that are free for online use, with higher quality versions available for sale. Because link back and attribution is required, these images can’t be used well on book covers, in books, or on other products.

Free Images — A Getty Images site offering 388,000 free photos and illustrations. Read their terms for using their content: Note that they have some key restrictions on using their content. Read carefully. Formerly known as stock.xchng.

Free Images — Search high quality free images with creative commons Zero CC0 license.

Free Logo Design: — If you need a logo, you can find a lot of logo designs in many categories here. Terms: All files downloaded from are free for use in both personal and commercial projects. You can modify any resource to fit your taste, e.g. change colors, shapes, effects, etc. You can share our logos on your websites/blogs, however, a backlink to our website is required.

Free Media Goo Boat image

Free Media Goo: — No subscriptions, commission plans or shopping of any kind. These are free stock photos and backgrounds for you to use. Simply explore our high-quality illustrations, find a powerful photograph you like, and start downloading your colorful royalty free graphic images! Free for both unlimited commercial and private use.

We love giving away our stock image creations, We hope that these free pictures will help and inspire you! No need to credit us for the images you use (unless you want to – a link back would be good karma!) Enjoy the royalty free images!

Free Photos: http://www.freephotos.seThe purpose of the web site is simply to share photographs that everyone can freely use. The photos are taken by me and members of my family (Magnus Rosendahl). All photos on this site are free for use by anyone for any purpose! Use them anywhere and anyhow you like, for commercial or non-commercial use.

Free PSD Files: — We create Freemium PSD Files, PSD graphics, PSD Templates, PSD backgrounds, PSD business cards, PSD flyers and many PhotoShop resources. Terms: All files downloaded from are free for use in both personal and commercial projects. You can modify any resource to fit your taste, e.g. change colors, shapes, effects, etc. You can share our psd files on your websites/blogs, however, a backlink to our website is required.

Freerange Stock: — Motto: Good photos. Totally free. But limited commercial use. They share ad revenue with their photographers. With free photos, the following license applies: You can do nearly anything with the images, commercial or not. Just don’t redistribute them. This means don’t host the images or repackage them, just post a link to this site and let others sign up download them, just as you did. You cannot offer images for sale or as part of printed products (no Zazzle, Cafepress, etc.). Be sure to check the license for any image you want to use.

Freebies Gallery: — You can freely use resources featured on this website. You can use these resources, free of cost, for personal as well non-commercial purposes. You are free to seek design inspiration from them or modify them in any way you like. You can also feature these resources on your website or blog. We’ll, however, encourage you to acknowledge their ownership by providing attributions and back-links to the original source – Freebies Gallery. More info here:

Getty Images: — Free image embeds, but only for non-commercial blogs and websites. You must pay to use these images in other ways. Step 1: Use their search box to search for images among their 66 million images. Step 2: Hover over the image you want and click on the embed icon </>. Step 3: Copy and paste the code into your non-commercial site. You can now also create slideshows of five images (see example above).

In just three simple steps you can easily embed Getty Images’ latest news, sports, celebrity, music and fashion photography, plus access our rich conceptual imagery and immense archival collection. It’s legal: Embedding our images provides a legal way to utilize premium content while respecting creators’ rights, including the opportunity to generate licensing revenue.

GifRun: — Make Gifs from YouTube videos. Any 20 seconds from any YouTube video.

Good Free Photos: http://www.goodfreephotos.com7,577 free and public domain photos, images, clipart, pics and vectors and counting.

Gratisography: — Free high-resolution pictures you can use on your personal and commercial projects. Click on an image to download the high-resolution version. New awesome pictures added weekly! All pictures were photographed by Ryan McGuire and free of copyright restrictions. An incredibly versatile photographer of animals, nature, objects, people, urban locations, and whimsical.

ImageAfter: — Motto: The raw base for your creativity. This site features some beautiful photos. ImageAfter is a large online free photo collection. You can download and use any image or texture from our site and use it in your own work, either personal or commercial.

Image Base: — These images are totally free to use for anything you want including commercial, non-profit, business, print, web, screen, film or personal applications.

Icon Bug: has some of the hottest icons and clip art images online in an easy to search database that is available online 24/7 for free. Features over 10,000 icons. Licenses vary: Creative Commons, free for commercial use, and free for personal use only.

Jay Mantri: — Motto: Free pics. Do anything. Make magic. Wonderful photos.

Kameleon: — Features 120 icons you can use in your commercial work. Beautiful icons. They also offer many, many more icons and icon packs for sale.

Karen’s Whimsy: — Karen Hatzigeorgiou offers a few public domain drawings and paintings of animals and dragons.

Life of Pix

Life of Pix: — They do royalty-free videos ( as well as royalty-free photos! See their terms in the graphic above.

Little Visuals: — This site has some wonderful photos. It’s no longer updated since the founder died a few years ago, but there are some great photos while the site remains live.

Logo Design Web — All the photos in this site is free to use. Read more about image usage terms before you download.

Magdeleine: — Handpicked free photos you can use, divided by nature, architecture, people, animals, food, technology, abstract, and objects.

Make a Gif: — You can make Gifs from YouTube videos (only 10 seconds), your own video, your webcam, or from your photos or images.

Meme Builder: — A free tool to create all sorts of meme graphics to share on your social network, using standard meme images or your own images.

MMT Stock: — Free for commercial use photos by Jeffrey Betts. CC0 license. Lots of great photos.

Morguefile: — Motto: Free photos for creatives, by creatives. We are a community-based free photo site, and all photos found in the Morguefile archive are free for you to download and re-use in your work, be it commercial or not. The photos have been contributed by a wide range of creatives from around the world, ranging from amateur photo hobbyists to professionals. Lots of great photos. To use Morguefile photos, you must modify, change, and/or alter such photos in some way. OR if you use them unchanged, they must be used with other content and you must credit the photographer for such use.

Moveast: — This is a journey of a Portuguese guy moving that decided that every photo should be used for free. Help yourselves and use them wherever you want (CC0).

My Public Domain Pictures: — Now only features travel-related photos (and some food and garden photos). All personal pictures taken by our members are being released into the public domain.  We are releasing these pictures into the public domain so therefore users of this blog are free to download and use our photos for whatever purpose but users of our images are solely liable for unlawful use of these images.  We did not obtain model release from people as well as copyrighted subjects such as buildings, logos, brands, etc. so please obtain their permission before using them for commercial use. 

New Old Stock: — Features vintage photos from the public archives free of known copyright restrictions.

1,000,000 Free Pictures: http://www.1millionfreepictures.comA repository of thousands of 100% free pictures! No registration required. No fees collected. No annoying watermarks. No accounts needed. Just free pictures. All pictures in this photo blog are dedicated in the public domain. This repository of original amateur free pictures is perfect for bloggers, webmasters, students, or anyone looking for amateur free pictures for their projects. The goal of this free photo blog is to provide an alternative source of free images for those who cannot afford to purchase or buy from commercial stock photo websites.

Open Clip Art: — Each artist at Openclipart releases all rights to the images they share at Openclipart. The reason is so that there is no friction in using and sharing images authors make available at this website so that each artist might also receive the same benefit in using other artists clipart totally for any possible reason.

How may their clip art be used? Here are a few answers:

Open Game Art: — Art especially for games, but not all are in the public domain.

Open Photo: — Animals, Architecture, Arts, Colors, Concepts, Descriptions, Events, Feelings, Flowers, Food, Holidays,Image Mosaics, Landscapes, Life, Light, Living Spaces, Nature, Places, Portraits, Professions, Recreation, Seasons, Shapes, Skies, Still Life, Study, Technology, Texture, Wallpapers, Weather. Note the image license on any image you want to use.

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