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News Release Critiques That Help You Sell More Books, Products, Services, or Ideas

Publicity Tips and Articles

Andrew Stanton on the Power of Storytelling

Author Publicity Tips: Getting Magazine Publicity

Book Marketing Tips: The Rule of Five

Book Publicity Is Not a Two-Week Event

David Perozzi: 13 Ways to Get the Attention of TV Producers

Do Provocative Photos Help Sell a Book?

Free Ebooks: Internet Marketing, Social Media, and PR

Handwritten Notes Stand Out – Deborah Lloyd

Interviews: How to Create Relationships with Key Media People

Jeff Davidson: Tools in Your Book Author Arsenal

Martha Carr on Becoming a Nationally Syndicated Columnist

Michael Levine: Ten Commandments for Dealing with the Media

Online and Free News Release Distribution Services

Oprah’s Book Club Rides Again!

Oprah Winfrey: On Your Purest Moments of Joy — You have to read this post to understand why it’s here under publicity tips.

Pitch Your Book Story to Book Industry Publications

Radio Publicity: How to Be a Good Talk Radio Guest

Should You Steal These Headlines?

Six Steps for Getting National Media Coverage

10 Questions to Ask: Your Media Interview Rights

To Market Your Book, Start a Movement

The Unpodcast: Good Publicity and Bad Publicity

Want to Get Publicity? Tell the Story of a Real-Life Example

Why an Author Needs a Publicist in Today’s Competitive Book Market

Book Publicity Resources

Radio PR Guy

Regional and Local Magazines

Book Publicity Stories

Books Can Change People’s Lives

Famous Book Authors Who Died in 2012

Forbes Magazine

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