Book Marketing Inspiration

Here are blog posts and pages that should inspire you to create your book and successfully market that book.

Book Marketing Inspiration

book marketing relationshipsAnais Nin on Dreams

Apple: Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Before People Buy from You . . .

Book Authors Among the Time 100 Most Influential People

Book Authors: Before They Became Famous

Book Authors: Memo to Self

Book Marketing Advice from Consumer Magazines

Book Marketing Is Ultimately One Thing: Sharing Love

Book Marketing Observation: People Who Have Too Many Books

Book Marketing: The Rules Are Made Up

Book Marketing Tip: Write a Great Book

Book Marketing Tips from Oprah Fans

Business Bookmark: Failure Inspires Winners

Caterina Fake on Going Towards Yes

Conrad Hilton: Success Is Connected to Action

Creating Relationships: Grow Up Together

Dale Carnegie on Work

Dan Kennedy: Rich People Have Big Libraries

Do Epic Terrifying Unheard of S**t!

Don’t Be a Fool! Market Your Books Today!

18 Things High Achievers Do That Low Achievers Don’t

Ernie Zelinski: Creative Book Marketing Strategies

The Essence of Book Marketing: Making Real Friends

The Holiday Lights Theory of Economics

How Terry McMillan Got Her Bestselling Start

How to Create a Bestselling Novel (and Movie)!

How to Make Your Book Dreams Come True

If You Want the Best Seat in the House, Move the Dog

Jeff Rivera on Career Success

Joel Comm, Photobomber and Co-Author of Twitter Power 3.0

John Fogerty on Your Effort and Your Work

John Kremer on Aiming Large

John Kremer on Helping Others

John Kremer on Marketing: You Have to Act

John Lasseter: On Business Plans

Lisa Kogan: Dreaming and Doing

Marie Forleo on Starting a New Business

Marketing Bookmark: Love Is the Essence of Marketing

Marketing Bookmark: Use a Little Oomph, Build a Door

Marketing Inspiration: The Force of Love

Martha Carr: Book Marketing Testimonial

The Month of Thanksgiving: Mother Teresa on Joy

Never Let Failure Go to Your Heart

One Self-Published Author Sells a Million Books a Year

One Secret of Success: Be Truthful

Oprah Winfrey on Being Surrounded by Books

Oprah Winfrey on Great Books

The Quotable Mark Twain: On Living a Kick-Ass Life

Reach Out to People You Look Up To

Rock Your Soul Marketing: The Secret To Selling More Books

Seth Godin on a Good Day’s Work

Shawn Achor on The Wisdom of Play

Spill the Beans Marketing

The 13 Rules of Good Behavior

3 Steps to Doing the Work You Love and Loving the Work You Do

Thoughts on Writing, Art, and Life

23 Things Happy People Do Differently

The 12 Commandments of Success by W Randall Jones

Walt Disney on Making Your Dream a Reality – Spill the Beans Marketing

Werner Herzog: Advice on Creating Great Content

When You Feel Like Giving Up …

You Have Two Choices in Life: Stay Stuck or Face Your Fears

Selling to Bookstores

For the Love of a Good Bookshop

Inspiration for Book Writers –

Inspiration for Book Readers –

Real Fast Book Marketing

Relationships Matter Marketing Program

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