Book Writing Inspiration

Here are blog posts and pages that should inspire you to create your book idea, write a great book, and share it with others.

Book Writing Inspiration

book writing inspiration

Ajay Ohri: The 8 Rules of Writing

Andrew Stanton on the Power of Storytelling

Andy Rooney on Cookbooks and Diet Books

Anton Chekhov on Art

Apple: Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Are You a Creative Person?

Arthur Plotnik on Writing and Editing

Ask E. Jean: How to Praise a Book or Author

Bob Dylan: Nobel Laureate in Literature

Book Author Advice: Stare. Pry. Listen. Eavesdrop.

Book Authors Among the Time 100 Most Influential People

Book Authors: Before They Became Famous

Book Authors: Memo to Self

Book Marketing Advice from Consumer Magazines

Book Marketing Tip: Write a Great Book

Book Writing Advice: Don’t Be Boring. Be Alive!

Book Writing GIFs: How to Write a Novel

Business Quotations from Richard Branson

Carl Sagan: What an Astonishing Thing a Book Is

Caterina Fake on Going Towards Yes

Christine Kloser: Write from Your Spirit

David Attenborough on the Art of Storytelling

The Difference Between Cats and Commas

Do You Want to Be a Writer? Start Now.

Doctor Who on the Power of Books

Elmore Leonard: 17 Rules for Writers

Emmy Rossum: Be the Best Version of Yourself

F Scott Fitzgerald on Writing

Fall in Love with the Reader

Famous Book Authors Who Died in 2012

George Washington Carver: A Book Marketing Tip

Get Ready to Shatter Your Illusions

The Holiday Season: It Is a Good Time to Tell Stories

Holley Gerth: Be Courageous in Writing

How to Write Gooder

Iain Banks: On Being a Writer

Ian Rankin: 10 Rules for Writing

Jeff Davidson: To Authors Who Exaggerate: Stop!

Jim Carrey on Doing What You Love

John Fogerty on Your Effort and Your Work

John Kremer: Ideas Spread Faster When They Are Great

John Lasseter: On Quality

John Wooden on Creating Value

Jokes for Those Who Love Grammar and Punctuation

Kurt Vonnegut: 16 Rules For Writing Fiction

Leo Babauta: 14 Observations on Writing

Let’s Hear It for Creative Thinkers and Writers!

Looking for Greatness? Look in the Mirror!

Margaret Robertson: Games and Stories You Can Win

Maya Angelou on How to Be Amazing

Mickey Spillane: On Selling Your Next Book

The Month of Thanksgiving: Thanks for the Little Things

Music Is How We Decorate Time

Need Inspiration? Give Up and Get Moving

Neil Gaiman: 8 Rules of Writing

Neil Ostroff: What Real Writers Hope to Achieve

Never Let Failure Go to Your Heart

Nick Tosches: How I Start Writing a Book

One Book Can Change the World

Oprah Winfrey: On Triumphs

Oscar Wilde: On Well-Written Books

Patricia Cornwall: On Life

Primo Levi: Honest Writers Are Good Writers

Professional writing service – can be used for college and university classes

Ralph Waldo Emerson: On Your Destiny

Ray Bradbury on Writing

Ricky Gervais on How He Learned to Write

Roald Dahl: The Freedom of a Writer

The Rules for Being Human Apply to You as a Book Author

Seth Godin: Pick Yourself

Stephen King: On Rewriting

Stephen King: On Writing Books

Stephen King: On Writing Enough Stories

Stephen King: The Only Real Requirement to Be a Writer

Steve Jobs on Following Your Heart

T. S. Eliot on Writing

37 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book

Thoughts on Writing, Art, and Life

Tim Hartman: 7 Powerful Storytelling Secrets

Toni Morrison on Writers and Writing

Tony Gaskin on Building Your Dreams

Tony Robbins: On Setting Goals

The 12 Commandments of Wealth

23 Things Happy People Do Differently

200 Words to Use Instead of Good

Voltaire on Writing

Werner Herzog: Advice on Creating Great Content

When in Doubt, Go to the Library

William Faulkner: Don’t Be a Writer

Words and Expressions Invented by William Shakespeare

Writer’s Bookmark: Writing Is Discovery

The Writer’s Dilemma: 1,000 Words for Love

Writers: Sources of Inspiration

Writing Advice from The Wheel of Time Series

Writing Bookmark: Don’t Stop Writing

Writing Bookmark: First Draft

Writing Infographic: 18 Common Words and What You Can Use Instead

Writing Is Murder

You Have Two Choices in Life: Stay Stuck or Face Your Fears

Zara Larson: On Reaching for the Stars

Zoe Sharp on Finding Your Voice As a Writer

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