Inspiration for Book Readers

Here are blog posts and pages that feature the wonders and fun of reading books and ebooks. Use these articles as inspiration to convince potential readers to buy and read your books and ebooks.

Cats Reading Books

Andy Rooney on Cookbooks and Diet Books

Ask E. Jean: How to Praise a Book or Author

The BBC 100 Book List

Be a Bookaholic on the Road to the Bookstore

Book Marketing GIF: Are You a Bookaholic

Book Marketing Observation: People Who Have Too Many Books

Books Are Our Friends

Books Are Trees Given a Life After Death

Books Can Change People’s Lives

Books Shed Light on the Human Soul

Books Wash Away the Dust of Everyday Life

Buy Books. Be Happy

Carl Sagan: Books Work Magic

Carl Sagan: What an Astonishing Thing a Book Is

Christopher Meloni on Books

Dan Auito: Books Are Like Candles

Dan Kennedy: Rich People Have Big Libraries

Dating Advice: Date a Girl Who Reads

Do Not Read the Next Sentence

Doctor Who on the Power of Books

Dr. Seuss on Reading More Books

Dr. Seuss: You’re Never Too Old to Read to a Child

Ebook Marketing: Who Reads Ebooks?

Ebooks – Why Not Try a Real Book?

Embrace Books As Good Lovers Do

Emma Thompson: Books Are Like People

Fall in Love with the Reader

5 Steps to Becoming a Happier Person

Friends Who Read Together Do Epic Shit Together

Going to the Library Gives a Big Kick

Great Children’s Book on Reading

Helen Exley: Books Can Change Your Life

Helen Hayes: Books Give You Wings

Hug an Author Social Bookmarking Site – Bookmark the websites and blogs of your favorite books, ebooks, and authors.

I Want to Read Books So Good They Make Me Jump Up and Down!

The Ideal Bookshelf Via Changing Hands Bookstore

It’s Called Reading Meme

Joe Queenan on Books

John Kremer’s Advice to Would-Be Book Authors

Jokes for Those Who Love Grammar and Punctuation

Music Is How We Decorate Time

My Favorite Book Author: Henry David Thoreau

Neil Gaiman: A Book Is a Dream

Nick Tosches on Reading Books

One Book Can Change the World

Oprah Winfrey on Being Surrounded by Books

Oprah Winfrey on Great Books

Oscar Wilde: On Well-Written Books

The Quotable Mark Twain: On Living a Kick-Ass Life

Read a Book and Live Longer

Read a Book or Face the Consequences!

Reader Bookmark: Plunge Deeper into Life with a Good Book

Reader’s Bookmark: Does Your House Have Soul?

Reading Bookmark: Books Give You a Better Perspective

Reading Bookmark: Books Have the Power to Change Us

Reading Bookmark: Read Books!

Reading Bookmark: A Room Without Books

Reading Bookmark: World Read Aloud Day

Reading Bookmark: You Are Not Alone

Reading Books Bookmark: Eat Sleep Read

Reading Is Your Friend When Others Forget

Regular Reading Is Better Than Jogging!

A Secret about Books by Martha Carr

Seeing Someone Read a Book You Love . . .

Some Book Readers Are Very Dedicated

Stephen Colbert on Books

Surprising Book Reading Statistics!

Teach Your Children to Enjoy Books!

Things to Be Thankful For: Great Reads and Wild Dances

30 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book

32 Great Reasons to Read a Good Book

Thoughts on Writing, Art, and Life

Two Videos: 1001 Ways Master Class

W.E.B. Du Bois: Read Meanings

What Should You Read Based on Your Fave Scream Queens Character?

When in Doubt, Go to the Library

When You Run Out of Books to Read

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Book?

William Styron on Great Books

Words and Expressions Invented by William Shakespeare

Writing Is Murder

You, Too, Can Support It’s a Book!

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